Time does get away...

Time always seems to get away from me. Or maybe I have more stuff to blog then I do time. I suspect that the latter is probably the truth.

In this post I bring you a cute ensemble created using a lovely mesh Empusa corset by by Adoness. It's an exclusive gift for L$100 at The Black Market. The vintage shiny jeans in foliage grey are by Sakide for L$40 at The Black Market. The sexy mesh chloe stilettos are the exclusive item for The Flawless Harvest Cart Sale by Lindy for L$50.

My Millena shape is by Anna Shapes and is an exclusive L$50  item for Flawless Harvest Cart Sale & Hunt. My Nana Skin by Wow Skins is also from the Flawless Harvest Cart Sale & Hunt. It is the free hunt item, look for a pumpkin around WoW's cart.  The beautiful Sunrise bleached blue eyes are by IKON. The rigged mesh hair is by esk-imo, called Yurei. It's a new release for this month, available for L$299 a color pack. The mesh necklace is Pekkala's Moon Pentagram by Maxi Gossamer. It's L$150 at the Limted Bazaar. The Automatic Flowers Tattoo on my arms is by Tenjin. It is the exclusive item, L$75,  for the Black Market. 

The poses used in my photos are by Focus Poses, Model 106_4 & Model 107_7. You can pick them up for L$80 each set.

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