Time to accessorize your home

While going through the items sent to me to blog for the MIDweek MADness sale, I found several great builds and home items to share with you. I always try keeping an eye out for great home furnishings and decorations for my own home.

 Poems in the Mists 

There are actually three sets of items by Poems in the Mists that  I want to share with you. It made such a great english sitting room, I couldn't resist it. The quality is amazing. I loved the detailing put into the textures.

  • The english table set comes with a full table setting and four seats. It is 128prims, copy/mod.The Midweek Madness price 150L, normally 300L.  You can also buy the table separate for 200L and the seats for 50L. 
  • The seating set comes with the english chair, loveseat and poof. It is 24prims. The Midweek Madness price 125L, normally 250L. You can also buy these item separately if you want to, the chair 100L, loveseat 150L, poof 25L.
  • The fire place is a perfect accent to tie the room together. It is 66prms, copy/mod. The Midweek Madness price 125L, normally 250L.

Made by .. Houses & Furniture

The next item is by Made by .. Houses & Furniture,  I just thought were so damn cute and adorable are these plush monsters. They stand as tall as a normal avatar. The are huge! Perfect for decorating for halloween and a major sale. There are three styles you can buy. They are 13prims, no copy/modify/transfer. They are only 29L each! Great deal for such awesome decorations for your sim or home.

Syrenz Shadowz

Syrenz Shadowz  never fails to tickle my darker side with their designs. Today I have two really neat items to share with you that is part of their MIDweek MADness sales items. First up is this awesome Skeleton Bike, only 32prim, copy, no mod, no transfer. The Midweek Madness price 50L.

Then they have this awesome dark Dragon&Skulls Bedroom set for sale. This is a fully loaded bed, 30prims with 18 lover animations, 18 erotic animations , 6 singles animations and 6 friends animations. It comes with a matching dresser, 8prim. The set is copy/mod/no trans. The Midweek Madness price 405L.

Elegance by Elysa

The last great find I have to share with you in this post is the awesome detailed Circular Reception Sofa by Elegance by Elysa. The texturing is very nice. It is animated and sits multiple avatars. The Midweek Madness price 175L.

Okay, back to digging in my inventory. I hope you found something you liked in this featured batch. Remember t he MIDweek Madness Sale ends on Thursday. You can get the full list by pasting the following url (secondlife:///app/group/74c59354-52a9-7722-c7f5-bc76bd9b923e/about ) in your public chat in game and join the free inworld update group. The full list is in the notices of the group.


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