Witchie Woman

 Fierce has a really awesome costume section in their store. All October they  have a spooky halloween market carnival with haunted house ride ghost train ride. If you have not visited yet drop by and see if you can find that perfect outfit and check out the spooky decorations.  I wanted to share the Gothic Witch outfit.  It is only 299l and you have six color options. The midnight mania board has the orange version on it for free. The outfit comes top, pants, skirt, boots, hat and a broom. The broom was awesome fun flying around on it.

Eyes are IKON's Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel, 150L. The shape is a modified version of Raissa by Anna Shapes, 800L. Hair is by [elikatira] Abbey - Black 04, 200L The Pumpkin prop/pose is part of the Pumpkin pose set by Focus Poses.

The skin is  Lilou Fair  (free). If you haven't stopped over at Apparence Skin  to get the group gift you are really missing out - this skin is amazing!  If you like the free gift skin but its not the right skin tone for you. You will be happy to know there is a full version of LiLou available for purchase in 7 skin tones. So you can get just the right one for your style. Oh, the Apparence VIP group is free to join! The gift board is in the back corner of the store by the regularly priced LiLou skin tones.
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