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I wanted to share this cute picture I snapped when I was checking out some goodies I got from RnB Designs Furniture. I thought it had a cute shabby chic feel to it. The cute Ottoman Stool  has  12 Poses. It also has a texture menu with six fabrics with four wood choices all for 75L. The Coat Rack is part of the white wood Coat Rack Set for 150L. It also comes with a lamp and vase you can see them in my previous post here.  You can get the Coat Rack set  in three colors, white, black, natural. The Broken Easel, 95L, also has a Texture Menu that features 9 wood textures. You can change the image using UUID, not that I know why you would want to, I like the current picture a lot.

The cute little sun dress was a freebie from 1 Hundred for the Flawless Harvest Cart Sale & Hunt. My hair is by [elikatira], details brown 04, 280L. The shape I am wearing is Angel by Anna Shapes. I am wearing the small version.

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