Get Comfy @ The Black Market

*Hums a holiday jingle* Well, there's no getting around it. It's time to consider your holiday decorations, tis the season and all that good stuff. I found a really festive chair set by RnB Designs Furniture @ the Black Market for 100L. It comes with two chairs, (one with a throw on it) and a coffee table. The chairs have 14 poses, 3 chair textures and 6 blanket textures. They also have two festive Christmas decorations on sale for 40L. They have a set of three Christmas candles that turn on and off and a Christmas wreath that plays festive music.

Also at the Black Market, Pretty Liar has a really cute Cozy Up outfit for 100L. It's a comfy looking mesh top (in five sizes). The top has the back slashed up to give the peek of skin. It comes with two pairs of leggings in black and grey, leg warmers and slippers.

If you are in the market for a new look, Iren has Helen, in pale, on sale for 100L @ The Black Market. Its a really beautifully detailed skin. Also for the Black Market, Adoness' exclusive item for 100L is a awesome two toned bob. You get three hairs with blue, red and blonde framing the face. My shape is Hitomi by ANNA SHAPES, 800L.

The wonderfully expressive eyes I am wearing are part IKON's newest line in eyes. The Eternal eyes have a beautiful reflection, very life-like. I am wearing Pewter, 150L.

The poses used in my photos are by Focus Poses, Model Set 110. You can pick up the full set of seven poses for 80L.

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