Never Leave Home With Out It....

I don't know about you but in real life, I never ever leave home with out my smartphone. That thing is an appendage I feel lost with out. Of course, two years ago I laughed at the thought of having to depend on a gadget like that...look at me now...addict!

So I was quite tickled when I found at 60 Mesh Atelier, Expressive Poses' Call Me pose set. It is a set of six poses and six prop phones. I am using all the poses in the photos in this post except the sitting one. The best thing about the Call Me pose set is that it is only 60L.

Also on the same Sim as 60 Mesh Atelier, Censored is having its Happy B-day mini fair. There are a ton of sale carts full of goodies along with birthday celebration muffin gifts priced 10L and under. The B-day Celebration runs till November 30th!

Now on to all the wonderful goodies I a wearing. I had a lot of fun putting this look together. My outfit features Zum-Zum's Cami Dungaree Shorts. Do not let the name fool you, it is actually a mesh combination of shorts and vest jacket top with a hood. It is really cute to look at from behind. You can pick it up for 60L at the 60 Mesh Atelier sale.

My shape is Hitomi by ANNA SHAPES, 800L. My sleeve tattoos are from The Black Market. They are by Tenjin called Passion and cost only 75L. The lovely red nails are by Princess and are the free B-day Muffin gift for the CENSORED B-Day Mini Fair.

The cute little Lola shirt peeking out of the jacket is from Chloe. It is part of the Lola shirt pack you can pick up for 10L at the CENSORED B-Day Mini Fair. It is Chloe's Birthday Muffin Gift. My Tarifa Bracelets are mesh creations by Maxi Gossamer for 88L at the November Collabor88.

Let me draw your attention to the fabulous mesh platform heels I picked up at the CENSORED B-Day Mini Fair. They are made by deeR and are 10L as the Muffin B-day Gift. The great feature on these platform heels, other than the great quality and price, they are color changeable, making them great for matching with several outfits. While you are at their booth check out the awesome nail set they have on sale for 500L. I have to save up for them, but wow...I must have them!

My pretty Anna skin is by Shiva. It is Shiva's 10L Muffin B-day gift for the CENSORED B-Day Mini Fair. Shiva also has 6 tone styles of their Reira skin for sale at only 99L each. Quite a bargain my friends. My two toned-bob cut hair style is by Adoness. It is their exclusive item for 100L @ The Black Market. You get three hairs with blue, red and blonde framing the face. I really like the way this hair falls around the face. The cute flower earrings and necklace are by Phoebe. The set is Phoebe's 1L Muffin B-day gift for the CENSORED B-Day Mini Fair.

The face piercings are also by Phoebe for the CENSORED B-Day Mini Fair. The Series K7 Piercings are color changeable to 8 metal textures. The piercing set is on sale for 90L. My glasses are by Stars Fashion. They are Star Fashion's free Muffin B-day gift for the CENSORED B-Day Mini Fair. Stars Fashion has several sexy numbers up for sale on their cart. I particularly liked the adored outfit. My pretty Mystery Eyes are by Step InSide. They are Step InSide's free Muffin B-day gift for the CENSORED B-Day Mini Fair. Step InSide has several nice shapes, skins and tops on sale on their cart. 

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