And I am back!

Hellos All! You missed me, you know you did. I know I missed blogging about all the great goodies in Second Life on a regular basis. I wont bore you on the details of why I disappeared. What matters is I am back and with me I got some great goodies to share!!!

I found quite a few lovely surprises waiting for me in my inventory. This gorgeous skin by Panda Punx Body Shop is a prime example. I am wearing the Kamila V2 Skin - Poppy (799L). My eyelashes also came from Panda Punx Body Shop. My shape is a new release from Anna Shapes, created for the Kollective. You can get it for a limited time for 100L. My hair is a recent release by Tameless Hair & Avatars, June (249L). You can't see it in the image but it is swept back in a long pony tail in the back. Quite lovely.  The colorful beaded bracelet is from Maxi Gossamer, Summertime Easy Living (299L). They are non-rigged mesh and can be moved and resized, also texture changes for 9 color options.

My outfit is a delightful Fun and Flirty collection from Just BECAUSE. The top is available in 10 colors for 300L each. The one I am wearing is the "colored dots" print. This hankie top shirt is 100% rigged mesh and is original mesh! Annie Melson does amazing work on her clothing for men and women. I have never been disappointed in an outfit I have purchased from her. My cute belted mesh shorts are also part of the Fun and Flirty collection. They are available in 8 colors for 275L each. The stairs I am posing are are from Focus Poses and has 15 different poses (195L).

I wanted to share a little closer look at the cute necklace, Rapture Rave Smiley by Maxi Gossamer (299L). Like the bracelet set above, this necklace is non-rigged mesh and can be moved and resized, also texture changes for 9 color options.

And the last, but not least, little gem I want to share with you tonight is from Felicity. Felicity makes some of the best shoes I have found for really reasonable prices. This lovely set, Paige in yellow, is a group gift you can get free. The group cost 30L to join but is totally worth it as these shoes rock and another little known secret is if you join the inworld group (30L) you get a lot of free sets of high quality shoes. Just look around her store, you will find them.

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  1. I'm glad you are back! I was worried about you


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