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If there is one thing in Second Life I have always been frustrated with, it is hats. Hats are impossible with Second life hair, half the time they appear too big. Yes.. hats have driven me bonkers...that is until I found  HATS by Couture Chapeau

I was in awe looking around myself. Every style of hat you could imagine, the detailing amazing. Hats for every occasion and style a man or woman would need. And the one thing I have always wished for HAT HAIR!! Yes, that is right, you read it correct...Couture Chapeau has hair just to wear with hats for men and women. In multiple colors and styles! I can not express how delightful it is to find a real live milliner in Second life!

Our resident milliner is Chigadee London. Chigadee has been a resident of Second Life for almost seven years. During this time she has tried her hand at making many things; plants, jewellery, clothes, furniture, animations, sounds but she has always come back to her first love - hats.

She discovered SL after seeing a television news story about SL and it immediately peaked her interest bringing out her amazing creative streak. Chigadee loves fashion and works in the fashion industry in RL. She has been an artist, a fashion designer, a couturier and a writer in RL. All these elements have come together in SL as a milliner.

She stumbled upon her passion in making hats when she decided her avatar needed a hat since she loves wearing hats in RL. But she discovered there were very few hat makers and decided to try her own hand at making them. And many hours and tons of hats later, here she is today with the largest and highest quality selection of hats in Second Life.

Chigadee London's amazing hat shop first started out as Mad About Hats. She then added the Couture Chapeau line. Mad About Hats features the classics and popular hats such as newsboys caps, fedoras etc. This is the line for the regular guy and gal who wants to wear a hat. The Couture Chapeau line of hats is made for the models and fashionistas across the grid. These designs are much more stylized and for avatars who want to make a fashion statement.

The wide selection of high quality hats makes Couture Chapeau a one stop shop for anyone wanting a great hat. Chigadee's hats are made from sculpts and are extremely detailed with texturing and shading. The texturing, shapes and sculpts are some of the best you will find in SL. Chigadee's hats don't overpower the women who wear them but rather compliment their looks. As Chigadee wants people to see the woman first, then the hat.

There are demos for every style so customers can try before they buy. Chigadee has always been ready and willing to help any customers. It is often said that she is the only creator they have ever met who will help them! So do not hesitate if you have questions, feel free to send her an im or notecard, she will get back to you quickly!

Also, while you are at the shop you will see that one side is called The Prop Shop owned by Balthazar Fouroux. Bal is Chigadee's business partner; a master sculpty artist and a puppeteer genius. They are an amazing design team; Chigadee designs and styles the hats and he creates the base components. It is a match made in SL heaven, so be sure to check out all the unique items in The Prop Shop.

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Chigadee's Photograph
Hat: Couture Chapeau Salt Fedora, 225L
HairCouture Chapeau  Hat Hair with Back Knot, Red, 10L (40L fatpack)

Lady in Red Photograph
Hat: Couture Chapeau Quince Feather Chapeau Red and Black , 225L
HairCouture Chapeau  Hat Hair with Back Knot, Black,  10L (40L fatpack)- 50L or Less!
Dress: Paris Metro Red Spandex Dress
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - White South Sea Pearl Set, 99L- 100L or Less!
Ears: Lemon Tea, Elven Ears Simple, 179L
Skin: Pink Fuel, Alyx.  Hazel, 1350L Special Fatpack
Shape: Anna Shapes - modified version of Raissa, 800L

Lady in Leopard Print Photograph
Hat: Couture Chapeau Black Salt Fedora, 225L
HairCouture Chapeau  Hat Hair with Natasha's Pony Tail, Black,  10L (40L fatpack) - 50L or Less!
Shirt:  EMPORIUM -Leopard Shirt Mesh
Slacks: JANE - Easy Day Trouser.
Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer - Rosary with Black Pearls and Crucifix, 99L
Skin: Pink Fuel, Alyx. Hazel, 1350L Special Fatpack
Shape: Anna Shapes - modified version of Raissa, 800L

Lady in Black Photograph
Outfit: Couture Chapeau Revisits Sophia; ML Capreze Fedora / Fur Stole / Mesh Outfit 499L
HairCouture Chapeau  Hat Hair with Back Knot, Brown,  10L (40L fatpack) - 50L or Less!
Skin: Pink Fuel,  Alyx Hazel, 1350L Special Fatpack
Shape: Anna Shapes - modified version of Raissa, 800L

Poses: Focus Poses, Model Set 77-2, 77-7, 85-5, and 100-5. 85L each set. - 100L or Less!

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