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Today I bring you more wonderful  Rainbow colored goodies. This is the third installment of the "Taste the Rainbow" Summer Hunt 2013 (Website | Start ), which runs August 10th to September 3rd. If you missed the previous posts go here: 1  & 2

The first stop today on our colorful tour is !dM deviousMind

If you have never visited the  deviousMind  Sim (A), you are missing out on a visual feast. Chandra Meehan and Lucca Staheli have created an amazing atmospheric shopping experience! No matter how many times I visit deviousMind Sim, I find something new to tantalize my senses with.  The Sim is set in an eclectic mix between 20s/30s upper class and blue collar style that invites you to take a trip to the past and live a bit of your fantasies, be they realistic or fanciful whim.

!dM deviousMind is crammed full of sparkling, glittery, sensual outfits that will please the showgirl, circus artist or burlesque performer in you!  Be sure to spend a little time looking at all the wonderful vendor pictures and hopefully find a few goodies to take home. I have never seen so much creativity and care placed in designing all the aspects of a store transforming it into such an amazing experience.

As would be expected !dM deviousMind delivers a gorgeously colored  "Sweet Rose Valentina"  corseted outfit for the "Taste the Rainbow" Hunt gift. The quality of this gift -- impeccable!

The next stop for today is Faster Pussycat

Poosykat Littleboots & Honey Bender are the creators/owners of Faster Pussycat which sprawls across half of  Resistance Sim (A). The landing point is on a white sandy beach with rolling waves. I couldn't resist snapping a shot of the cleverly placed signage in the water.

Faster Pussycat is created to dress the rock-star in you, selling  edgy male and female clothing designed to make you stand out and be noticed.

Keeping in the rock-star theme Faster Pussycat has created the Lady RainBow Mesh Laced jeans as their  "Taste the Rainbow" hunt gift.

Join me tomorrow for more wonderfully colorful gifts from the "Taste the Rainbow" Hunt.

Shopping List:

Pink Fuel, Alyx Skin - Hazel, 1350L Special Fatpack ✪ 
Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape -. 500L ✪ 
Tameless - Tameless Vix - 249L ✪ 
Slink Gesture Hands, 450L ✪ 
Lemon Tea - Elven Ears - 179L ✪

!dM deviousMind - "Sweet Rose Valentina" Corset Outfit - Taste the Rainbow Hunt - Free ✪ 
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - Katie -White - 199L ✪

Focus Poses, Model Set 109-3 & 109-5, 80L each set. - 100L or Less! ✪

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