*.^ Feeb's Rascals St. ^.* Sales Room

The August Round  of *.^ Feeb's Rascals St. ^.* Sales Room is now going on. It runs August 7th to September 1st. I have quite a few things to show you from the sale but it will take me time to compose my photos. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!

 But in the mean while here is a sneak peek of vendor pictures from the notecard I received. Not all of the designers are listed today. There are 30 designers, each one with 1 new design set with a discount of 50% or more and tons of group gifts to grab up!

 Phoebe ~Piercings & more~

*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*




S&C Sugar & Cyanide 




FireBird Designs

{A&C} Sweet



Loordes of London


{{BSD Design Studio}}

.:Panda Punx:.




Giulia Design

Bohemian Gipsy

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