Felicity's Group reaches 5000..and one!

From Felicity to Felicity Updates:

Wear Tag...Get Shoes!  Thank you all so much for being in the group & staying :)

Let's celebrate 5,000 Members!  (Well, when I looked earlier we had 5,001.)

This is an exclusive design for group members only.  Tan Suede with 6 Suede Sole Colors.  5 Metal Trims.  Oh, & Partial Mesh!

In the gift bag on the "shelf," behind the center water display.

Your Taxi is here:

To join join Felicity's in world group costs 30L, but totally worth it as you can pick up several free pairs of stilettos scattered around the shop along with the ones mentioned above.

Also while there check out the following deals too!

Tuesday-Thursday Sales 50% Off (175L):

  • Harlow Stilettos - Brown & Orange
  • Gianna Stilettos - Coral & Putty Leather

In the center of the store, behind the water display.

Also all month, save over 50% off partial mesh Quinn Stilettos in Shiny Gold & Shiny Silver at the Sales Room!

And...25L Fountain (in the courtyard) & new 25L Small Meadow Flowers (in the grassy area).

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