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  This is the fourth installment of the "Taste the Rainbow" Summer Hunt 2013 (Website | Start ), which runs August 10th to September 3rd. If you missed the previous posts go here: One, Two & Three.

The first stop today on our colorful tour is Chic Buildings

Chic Buildings specializes in mesh prefabs and city surrounds for your land. Surrounds are available in 32, 64, 120 meter and full sim sizes. Some of the builds available are: penthouse apartment with night city view, subway with cityscape surround, steampunk buildings, bayou shack, warehouse industrial skybox.

Chic Buildings has created a a charming rainbow summer cottage for their free gift.

The next stop tonight is :+:Studio Sidhe:+:

Studio Sidhe specializes in unique fantasy poses and pose props for those who love to dream. Specialize for Faeries, fae folk, elves and others; for fauns, satyrs and others who dwell in the woods.

 Studio Sidhe has created a wonderfully fun Rainbow Butterfly Glider as their gift for  the "Taste the Rainbow" Summer Hunt 2013.

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