I wandered onto a very pretty rustic dream-like sim today, called Hazardous. It is an amazing place for photos and hanging out with your friends, or if you like some quiet mediation time alone. Since I like to share with everyone the great photo places I find I had to share this one and several shots I took around the sim. It is a fabulous spot to explore!

When you teleport in, you are on a checkered floor, join the group to be kept updated to changes on the sim and click one of the side tiles hanging in the in the air to visit the sim its self.

"Dream infinitely..... remain fearless.....seek Hazardous adventures."

Mandingo Quan, the owner of the sim, has done an amazing job of creating a ponderous scenic environment with hidden surprises for the truly dedicated explorers.

These are some of the spots that caught my attention. 

I am not showing all the great places to find, as I want to leave some for you to experience first hand.

If you like it be sure to drop a small tip in the various jars around the sim, this place is worth supporting!

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