Let's head to the Beach...

Today I felt like getting some sun so I donned my cute little Emma Leigh Swimsuit from Dead Dollz. It is available for 69L at Room69 for the month of August. It's really cute with a little heart on the butt. I am wearing Dulce Secrets' Starley skin. It is available in 3 skin tones and two makeup options at The Kollective through August 22nd. This version is  Blanc Passion. 

My lovely body art is by two artists;  Zentro and Love Zombie. Zentro has created the unisex "Never give up Tattoo". It consists of a chest, arm, and back images. Love Zombie created their  "Heartless" tattoo. It has the word heartless with a diamond under located along the panty line. Both tattoos can be picked up for 69L each at Room69.

If you are looking for some fun toys to take to the beach with you, I recommend you pick up RnB Designs Furniture Mesh Pool Mat. It has 19 Single & Couple Animations. It's available at Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room during August for 50L.

As a blogger I always keep an eye out for skyboxes and such that can fit on my small parcel of land to use as back drops for my photos. I have been looking for a small beach setting, around  30x30 with low prims, and modifiable. It's so hard to find small high quality builds, but I finally found some. I thought I would share it with all of you in case, you like me have a smallish plot of land.

For this shoot I have used  the The Angel's Island Skybox. It is 30x30 can be used on land or as a skybox and costs 650L. It comes packed with lots of stuff to play on. You can view it and all the other skyboxes by  Anpuli Lifestyle in cooperation with Cuca Designs in world here.

Style Card:
✪ Hair:  Tameless - Lanore, 249L (1st & 3rd Photo)
✪ Hair:  Tameless - Felicity, 249L (2nd Photo)
✪ Swimsuit: Dead Dollz - Emma Leigh Swimsuit - Room69 - 69L - 100L or Less!
✪ Tattoo:  Zentro - "Never give up" Tattoo - Room69 - 69L - 100L or Less!
✪ Tattoo:  Love Zombie - "Heartless" Tattoo - Room69 - 69L - 100L or Less!
✪ Skin:    Dulce Secrets - Starley - The Kollective - 99L - 100L or Less!
✪ Shape: Pink Fuel, Alyx (modified). 500L
✪ Eyes: IKON Ascension , Glass 150L.
✪ Poses: Focus Poses, Model Set 79-4, 123-3, and 129-1. 85L for set. - 100L or Less!
✪ Poses: RnB Designs Furniture Mesh Pool Mat. - Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room - 50L. - 50L or Less!
✪ Skybox: Anpuli Lifestyle in cooperation with Cuca Designs - Angel's Island skybox - 650L

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