Sale Alert! Immerse Designs Close Out Sale

I received this notice in my note card folder today, thought I would share it with all of you. It saddens me to see Immerse go as it is one of my favorite home decor stores. 

....from notecard directly....

This is Lilly's manager. All of the staff are very sorry that Immerse has been so quiet as of late! RL family matters have come up and Lilly is unable to determine when she will be able to come back to SL full time and create due to constantly being on the road to handle these matters. 

It's with a heavy heart that we decided to close the shop temporarily due to the inability to even out the amount of income vs rent costs. The landowner who Lilly rents from has been very kind in this matter but we cannot ask her to do more than she already has. We are going to be open one more week. The silver lining in all this is that we want to offer all you wonderful shoppers a chance to get Immerse (formerly known as Prism Furniture) products at a HUGE discount. We hope this sale will help to get us even with the rent costs so that Lilly can come back to SL debt free and ready to start up again. See Below for more info and an LM/slurl!

Sale Starts August 6th and runs until the 15th. 50% off EVERYTHING in the store. This includes furniture & all the recent releases of the Immerse apparel line.

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