Taste The Rainbow Hunt

One of my favorite things about doing a hunt is that you see new stores and wonderfully designed sims. I like to think a hunt is more of an experience than just getting something free. So my interest was grabbed when I read the notecard for the "Taste the Rainbow" hunt. It reads:

"Taste the Rainbow!"
Summer Hunt 2013
August 10th to September 3rd

What happens when color meets your favorite creators in Second Life? 
Come and find out! 

Follow the rainbow trail to 15 fantastic designers and get a taste of their passion for colors - this list is intentionally super short, so you don't have to TP around like mad. We want you to have fun with it!

This is not a chain hunt, but will be giving a notecard with all locations in one go so if you can't find something right away, it's not gonna be the end of all.

Oh and this is a picture of the hunt item. ➲

The following is the first in several post I plan to do on this hunt to give you a picture of the wonderful creators and their stores who participated in the hunt.

Deviance and Illusions are set on the Carnivale sim which is decorated to have a whimsical old world charm, with winding narrow stone paths between shops. The sim is designed much like a large secluded island with beautiful gazebos set out for sightseeing and great photo spots.

Deviance is our first stop on the hunt, it is housed in a large cathedral type building set in a pretty field on the north-west end of the sim. It is owned by Surreal LeShelle and sells high quality fantasy costumes, that would be great for roleplay, costume parties, and contests.

The shop consists of three floors of fabulous fantasy items that would make
 any fae in Second Life drool.

This lovely set of wings are the Titania Fairy wings for the Taste the Rainbow hunt gift,
 which is FREE!

There is a lucky chair on the bottom floor with several cute outfits, like the
 Spring Fairy - Strawberry, well worth the time to get them.

Just inside the doorway is a box for 1L, it contains the pretty blue aqua fae costume.

And beside the 1L aqua fairy is a free gift of this beautiful set of fae wings.

The next stop on the Hunt for me was Illusions. I say for me, because you can do this hunt in any order you want, so you can hop around to what interests you the most.

As Illusions is on the same sim as Deviance, the shop fits the theme of the sim, and is housed 
in a beautiful cathedral-like building with beautiful purple marble accents.
 I loved the splashes of color, made the store stand out beautifully.

Illusions houses a large array of really elegant carnival and masquerade masks and fantastical veils, demon horns, antlers, hats, pirate goodies, elf ears and other costume and fantasy items -- all excellent quality.

Illusions gift for the Taste the Rainbow hunt is this beautiful shimmering set of Rainbow Apsara Wings,
 the craftsmanship is amazing on these wings. Cute and free!

Hope you enjoyed the start of our journey together and I invite you to join me for more of this wonderful hunt.

Style Card:

✪ Hairs: 
✪ Tameless - Citrine - Fantasy (Skyblue), 249L
✪ Tameless - Joan -  Naturals (Cocoa), 249L
✪ Tameless - Joan -  Fantasy (Bubble Gum), 249L

✪ Skin: Pink Fuel, Alyx. Hazel, 1350L Special Fatpack
✪ Shape: Pink Fuel, Alyx (modified). 500L

✪ Outfit: Deviance Spring Fairy - Strawberry - Lucky Chair - Free
✪ Outfit: Deviance Aqua Fae Costume - 1L

✪ Wings: Deviance  fae wings - Free
✪ Wings: Deviance  Titania Fairy wings -  Taste the Rainbow Hunt - Free
✪ Wings: Illusions -  Rainbow Apsara Wings, - Taste the Rainbow Hunt - Free

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