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This week at Room69, I found this neat home called Zircona by Home Appeal.  I have been looking for a new studio and the airy design attracted me. Once I got it rezzed out, I decided I was going to keep it for my personal home. Something about all those windows really appealed to me.

 I really liked the floor plan. It is split into 2 major section on the bottom floor with half divider walls by the stairs to make it feel more like four singular spaces. Perfect for setting up photo scenes. Once you go upstairs you are in a single room with a door to the outside deck. The vendor photo showed it rezzed on the ground but I prefer it as a skybox. It comes in a rez box so easily placed. It is 23x23 and is mesh so it has a LI of 39, also it's modifiable.

So of course, new home means new furniture! For the kitchen I found this new mesh country kitchen by  L'aize Dayz. The Country Kitchen set consists of the Country Island, (LI-8)  Cupboard (LI-5), and the Sink Bench (LI-12). It is also available in a marble counter top version, but I thought the wood top matched my style a bit more.

The kitchen stools are also by L'aize Dayz. and sold separately. So you can mix and match your colors if you like. The stools come in sets of two and were one of seven colors avilable to go with the kitchen set. I really liked how the Green Gingham gave my kitchen a homey feeling. Each kitchen stool has a land impact (LI) of 4.

One of the details I really liked about this kitchen set was the animations at the sink. They were a lot of fun to play with, The sink fills with water and the kitchen towel is texture change. The Dish Rack is sold as a separate accessory you can pick up at the store. It has a LI of 3.

I couldn't resist adding a few extra details to the kitchen such as these trays of oranges and apples, or the milk can with the flowers. They were all too adorable to pass up and they added a lot to the homey feel of the room. Each fruit tray has a LI of 4. The flowers have a LI of 2. L'aize Dayz. has a lot of other great accessories at really affordable prices for those who like to add a little clutter to their SL homes.

As you can tell, I love clutter. The more the better at home I feel. The next room I decorated was my living room. I built my living room around L'aize Dayz' Hessian Sunday Sofa Set. It comes with  a mesh Couch (LI 10) and Ottoman table ( LI 2). There are 27 great animations to play with. The set comes with accessories like a laptop, newspaper and coffee cup. Three avatars can sit on the couch at the same time -- no pose balls! There is a bright red version of this couch at L'aize Dayz. I was so tempted to get it. Red is my favorite color, but I figured it would clash with the wall paper. So I am quite happy with how the Hessian textures complimented the greens of the walls and curtains. The Bare Tree Wall Art is by L'aize Dayz too. It has a LI of 2.

The sparkly Geode display is from CIRCA Living. It is one of the many  display items you can get from the 24 Hour Scene Scape Gacha machine located in their store. It costs 50L each try. This is probably one of my most favorite clutter pieces.

The Hessian Sunday Chair is sold separate from the Sofa Set. The arm chair comes with a wide range of animations too. It has a LI of 3. The wonderfully cluttered Native Book Shelve is from StoraxTreeStoraxTree  makes some of the best accessories to clutter up your home with at extremely reasonable prices. The Native book shelve has a LI of 14. The Estate Tall Planters are from StoraxTree  and has a LI of 4. The planters are available in several colors of flowers.

Now onto decorating my work area. In my wanderings, I have been seeing a lot of Blogger Desk sets around and I won't lie, I have been wanting one. But most all of them are too pricey, too busy or too primy. They just don't seem to match my style. So I was quite excited when I rezzed out L'aize Dayz' Blogger Set. It had  everything I wanted in a Blogger desk for my work area: affordable, a little clutter, and a simple homey design. The set is available in four color schemes. It consists of the Table (LI 7), Shelf (LI 3) Chair (LI 7), Phone (LI 2), Pencil holder (LI 4) and Laptop (LI 2). Now when I AFK to blog, I will have a cool place to park my avatar.

The last item I am going to share for the evening is this cozy sitting area created by  Serenity Style. The Nice Day set consists of the Chair (LI 14) , Table (LI 3), Lamp (LI 3) and Rug (LI 1). It's the perfect place for my friends to curl up while I blog and chat with them. Well I am going to wander off now and see what else I can find to clutter up the rest of my home. See the shopping list below for the prices and where to get all this great stuff I have shared tonight.


Home Appeal -- Zircona -- Room69 --  69L

L'aize Dayz. Kitchen Stool - green gingham, Mesh 4 LI, 140L
L'aize Dayz. Country Kitchen (Wood) 250L
L'aize Dayz. Dish Rack, 50L
L'aize Dayz. MIlk Jug and Flowers 40L 
L'aize Dayz. Apple Tray 35L
L'aize Dayz. Orange Tray  35L

L'aize Dayz. Hessian Sunday Sofa Set - 399L
L'aize Dayz.  Bare Tree Wall Art - 25L\
L'aize Dayz. Hessian Sunday Chair  - 140L
CIRCA Living - Geode Display Box - 24 Hour Scene Scape Gacha - 50L
StoraxTree - Native Book Shelve - 150L
StoraxTree - Estate Tall Stone Planter Tiger Yellow flowers - 150L
StoraxTree - Estate Tall Stone Planter Pink flowers - 150L

L'aize Dayz. Blogger Set - wood - 160L
Serenity Style. The Nice Day set  - 99L

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