A Rockin Pose

Today I was in a mood to play with my poses...

I found a cute pose set called "Fully Alive" at  //elephante poses//,  free for the Colors Of Summer Hunt. I can definitely imagine using these out in a field full of flowers this coming spring. Heck, I think it could work for a wintery snow shot too. I have found that //elephante// makes some really versatile poses.

 David came over and let me snap a shot of us on the Safe and Sound Pose from //elephante pose//. It was created for The Black Market. Couple poses are always a challenge for me as my avatar is short and most guys are tall. I think this pose is meant for two females, it still worked out pretty well for me.

Let's talk about my outfit, it is not the normal conservative style I tend to wear. The Ryder outfit is a creation by Trinite. It's shows a lot more flesh than I prefer but I really like the sleeves and leggings. So figured I would share it with you all. The outfit consists of a mesh top, mesh boots, mesh skirt and socks. The fishnet top is by  S 4 P H O R 4   for  Room69. David is wearing ::X.pression::  Dust Outfit  for Men. It consists of an open shirt, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. You can see the rest of his avatar specs at the bottom of this post.

The outfit would not be complete without, Roxi, the rocker hair style by Tameless. The Emi Peach  skin tone 2 is by ::Bel::. and  the  Alyx shape is by Pink Fuel created. I am wearing the Hazel skin tone. The pouty pink lip gloss, love, is part of a glossy lipstick pack by Pink Fuel. The heart and 'I love you' tat on the lips are by Letis Tattoo.  The face piercing 12 and lashes 16 are by Tameless for the Vix Avatar.  The  long elven ears are by Lemon Tea. The Entangle wings are from Favole. The glittering Night Kaleido Eyes are by IKON. The Yessemia Earrings are  from ELUZION.

Now to the fine art displayed on my body, the colorful tapestry flowing over my chest and arms, Stay True Tattoo, is from Zentro for Room69. The stars and little devil are two separate tattoos from Letis Tattoo. The Swirl Belly Piercing is a fun creation by Phoebe ~Piercings & more~.

✪ Tameless - Roxi - Naturals - 249L
Tameless - piercing by eyes and ears, lashes from Vix Avatar - 299L ✪
✪ ::Bel::. Emi Peach 2  - 1000L ✪ 
Pink Fuel, Glossy Pout, Pink Edition - 100L ✪ 
Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape - 500L ✪ 
IKON Kaleido Eyes - Night - 150L ✪
Lemon Tea - Long Elven Ears - 190L ✪ 
Slink - Casual Hands - 450L ✪
 Letis Tattoo  :: ETH12001 :: Etched Hair Base :: Stars :: 75L ✪ 

COLORS - 63 - 100L ✪
Cahi Store - David Shape, 595L ✪
Dulce Secrets Arnault.Stout -Structure Your Skin - 99L ✪
IKON Ascension Eyes - Blue - 150L ✪

✪ Ryder outfit - Trinite -349L ✪ 
✪ Fishnet top - S 4 P H O R 4 - Room69. ✪ 
✪ ::X.pression:: Dust Outfit for Men -249L ✪
✪  Yessemia Earrings are  from ELUZION.15L ✪ 
 Letis Tattoo :: Lips tattoo:: I love you :: LIPS901 - 50L ✪ 
 Letis Tattoo  :: EVIL :: CD903- 50L ✪
 ✪ Stay True Tattoo, Zentro for Room69  ✪  
 ✪  Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ - Swirl Belly Piercing   ✪ 

✪ POSES ✪ 
✪ Safe and Sound Pose - //elephante pose// - The Black Market. ✪ 
✪ "Fully Alive" Pose Set - //elephante poses//,  free - Colors Of Summer Hunt.  ✪ 

.:::Hope You Enjoyed This Post! :::. 

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