"13 Ghosts".Fashion Show - taking apps

I wanted to put the call out to all you amazing Designers letting you know there is a fabulous opportunity to participate in a very unique fashion show. I received the following notice and thought I would share it with you all, let your friends know if they are designers, too!

We would like invite you to join  the Designers from the Kollective, We Love to Blog and Greatest Love Group in an amazing fashion show inspired by the movie "13 Ghosts".  The show will consist of 13 scenes/tableaus and will feature over 45 different designs. We still have openings for clothing, hair, skin, jewelry, shapes, makeup, and props.

Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM) Agency has agreed to host the show. AIM is known for their amazing sets and models, and because of their extremely busy schedule for October our show will be held Nov 2nd giving you plenty of time to create designs for the show.

  1. Date of Show: Nov 2nd
  2. Time of Show: TBA
  3. Date Designs are Due to AIM: Oct 12th
  4. Sources: Please search the net for information or better yet watch the movie.
  5.  Cost:  FREE
  6.  Sign up will only be accepted through Google Docs, notecards will be ignored. 
  7. Application Link:  Fill in your name and store name for the item or items you would like to have featured in the show.  It would be to your benefit to sign up for more than one design. http://tinyurl.com/nure7v4
  8.  Applications close once all the scenes and design needs are filled.  Scenes and designs are first come first served.
  9. You will receive a message regarding further directions early to mid-September.
BLOGGER NOTE:  Since this is a joint effort with We Love To Blog group please send your items to bloggers.  Bloggers we'd love to have you cover the show and even begin to review the designs that will be in the show.

DESIGNER SPECIAL NOTE:  Because this show is following the Halloween season please feel free to release your designs for the show before the show.  We all know that SL has no season for this type of show or designs but I don't want you to wait to release when everyone is dressing up for parties and events.

A special thanks to Helena Stringer of Stringer Mausoleum  for coming up with this brilliant idea!

Any questions drop an IM or notecard.
AnneAlyce Maertens or Katlene Niven

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