Fallen Angel of a Different Flavor...

Since halloween is coming up I was having a bit of fun playing around a bit with the Minni Blood Gown I got from MAAI. Serra joked with me that I could be a murdered bride. I thought...hmm.. okay let's see what I can come up It made me think...hmmm..fallen angel...in a bit of a twisted sense I suppose. Anyway I played around with some photos and lighting settings and thought I would share them for the fun of it. I think the last one is my favorite.

“The Devil is real, and he's not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful, cause he's a fallen angel and he used to be gods favorite”
― Leah American Horror Story Murder House

"You remember those cowboy movies when the bad guys ride into town? You know, the killers?"
"That's us."
― Walter Dean Myers, Fallen Angels

“...wings were so bright they were almost blinding as they pulsed. "Holy Hell," She whispered, blinking. "More or less," He replied”
― Lauren Kate, Torment

“...a woman singing this time, gay and sad at once, like a stranded angel who had traded holiness for humanity but remembered what it used to be like to know God.”
― Barbara Hambly, Bride of the Rat God

“Even though my angel has forgiven me and rescued me, who on earth will save him, who cannot be allowed into the light of the sun, who has lost his name, who can only hide himself in the world of darkness?”
― Mizuki Nomura, Book Girl and the Corrupted Angel


Tameless -Tatiana II, 249L ✪ 
Pink Fuel, Harley. Hazel Skin, 1,000L Skin - 1500L - Fatpack ✪ 
Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape - 500L ✪ 
IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel - 150L ✪
✪ Fallen Doll - Battered Face - 150L ✪ 
✪ Hysteria - Beaten Face - no longer available ✪ 
Cult of Belgar - Slashed Neck - 80L ✪ 
 ✪ Repulse - Blood Bath, Full Body Tat - 299L  ✪ 

✪   MAAI - Minni Blood Gown - 450L  
  ✪ AD Creations Doll House - White Wings Broken - 220L   
✪ AD Creations Doll House - White Wings with Patch - 220L   
   ✪Jeanette's Joint - The Chameleon Halo Set - 25L   ✪
  ✪ Bonita's Jewelry  - White Messy & Broken Necklace - 185L   ✪
   ✪ Zephyr - Flower Pearl Jewelry Set - no longer available    ✪

✪ POSES ✪ 
AAA Poses -  Top Model # 13 - 299L pose fatpack✪
Glitterati Poses - Mausoleum - 150L  ✪

.:::Hope You Enjoyed This Post! :::.

 Lighting for my images was achieved using SL windlight settings and LUMIPro. I am still learning all the ins and outs of using LUMIPro, so be sure to check out the great images on their site to see what the tool is fully capable of achieving in the hands of an experienced user.

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