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Today I have been very indecisive on what I wanted to do. So I did what I always do when I am moody like this - went exploring. I opened up the SL search feature, selected places and typed clothing, found a shop I didn't know and went to visit.

The shop I chose is called AVD. It's a pretty big clothing shop for men and women. The prices are really reasonable. The clothing for women is made to accommodate those who like to use Lolas tango  and phat azz attachments. I am not wearing either. The body suit I am wearing is a free mesh gift called "Flora". They have several free outfits available for women.


I found my skin at the Wash Sale. If you are not familiar with the Wash Sale, its a cart sale where everything is 10L. There are some really great designers who take part in the sale. I always enjoy it. The Iris skin is by Nvious by GG. There are three skin tones on sale. I am wearing the Tan Base. My colorful ink is by  [ZENTRO], Sacred Tattoo. It is at this months Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room.  The pretty brown mesh hair is by  Elikatira - Caramel. My shape is Brook By Anna Shapes.

Another store I found in my search exploring is Cute Poison. It offers a nice selection of clothing and accessories to suit most fashion styles. Specializing mostly in piercings for both male and female avatars.  The piercings featured in this post are a free group gift. It has several color change options. and very easy to adjust. Oh and it's mesh. The group is free to join. The vivid eyes are by IKON, part of the Utopia Collection. I am wearing the Light Hazel.

Also while I was at Cute Poison, I noticed these great Lasum flip flops for Slink Feet off in a corner. I couldn't resist and bought the fat pack. I love my slink feet and have been looking for some flip flops for my beach photos. The flowers sold me, I like little details like that a lot. They come in five colors.

The bracelet I am wearing is "Daisy Chain" by Maxi Gossamer, part of the collection released for August's FaMashed. All of Maxi Gossamer's jewelry is great quality mesh designs, affordably priced.


  Elikatira - Caramel - Brown 08  
  [ZENTRO], Sacred Tattoo - 150L - Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room.   
  Nvious by GG - Iris skin - Tan Base - 10L - the Wash Sale   
   Anna Shapes - Brook    
✪ Slink - Flat Mesh Feet - 675L ✪

✪ OUTFIT ✪  
AVD - Flora BodySuit- Free Gift ✪
Cute Poison - Disarray Piercing - Group Gift - Free to Join ✪ 
 ✪ Cute Poison  - Lasum Flip Flops Fatpack - 350L ✪

✪ POSES ✪ 
✪ Focus Poses, Model Set 105-3, 105-7, 108-1, and 111-6. ✪

.:::Hope You Enjoyed This Post! :::.

 Lighting for my images was achieved using SL windlight settings and LUMIPro. I am still learning all the ins and outs of using LUMIPro, so be sure to check out the great images on their site to see what the tool is fully capable of achieving in the hands of an experienced user.

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