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A little birdy told me that BlueMoon Enterprises has a booth at the Samhain Fall 2013 Fair which runs til the 31st of October, all items at the fair are 100L or less. BlueMoon makes amazing medieval – victorian clothing . So I hopped over to see what goodies I could find as I am obsessed with my Illusion Sylph ears right now and modern clothing doesn't always go with them. I found three great outfits, I couldn't live with out.

  BMe Lady Augus Merlot  

BMe Sola's Gown Black

 BMe Day of the Dead

I used the same base avatar to complete the look of the dresses.

For the shape I used my favorite shape by Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape. The lovely Copper Bare Tierre Skin is by Dulce Secrets for the Bitacora Travel Fair, ends October 31st. Of course the awesome Illusions Sylph Ears. The glowing montium eyes: stream are a special creation of Adoness for The Body Modificaton EXPO, which runs till November 3rd. Hudson's Clothing Co. created the Beautiful Antique Ruby Jewel Set. It was the gift for the Renaissance Hunt which took place in September.

The only variance in the base avatar is the hairs. In the first two photos I used Sidhion in Smooth Brown by Underscore and in the third photo I used Rumina's Kelly in Black Scale. Oh and the shoes in the third photo are by Felicity

And I want to give a quick mention of the two builds I used as backdrops to my photoshops. Too often the great designers of the scenery get forgotten, so I am going to try to start mentioning who created the awesome back drop stuff.

I used Old World Designs in the first photo. The Medieval Cottage was an awesome build to explore and their display area has a really easy to use rez area where you can explore the builds before you buy. This Cottage has a footprint of 18 x 14 meters and uses 119 prim, 20 of them are the barrels of produce and the wagon which can be removed if you wish. You can read up more on this build here. I highly recommend checking this designer out if you are in the market for new buildings.

For the second photo I used Boudoir's Cabaret Theatre. This build was amazing. I had so much fun taking in all the details of the structure. It is 30x60 square meters and theatre itself is 208 prims. Boudoir makes some awesome builds for those who like something different and a bit dark. One of my favorite builders. You can find more details on this build here.


✪  Illusions  Sylph Ears - 300L ✪
✪ Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape - 500L ✪ 
✪ Dulce Secrets - Tierre Copper Bare Skin - 99L- Bitacora Travel Fair ✪ 
.:{Rumina}:. -Kelly Black Scale - 100L ✪
[Underscore]  - Sidhion  Smooth Brown - 250L ✪
✪ Adoness: montium eyes: stream - 40L - The Body Modificaton EXPO ✪

✪  BlueMoon Enterprise  -  Lady August Merlot - 100L - Samhain Fall 2013 Fair ✪
✪  BlueMoon Enterprise -  Sola's Gown Black - 100L - Samhain Fall 2013 Fair ✪
✪  BlueMoon Enterprise  -  Lady August Merlot - 100L - Samhain Fall 2013 Fair ✪
 ✪ Hudson's Clothing Co. - Beautiful Antique Ruby Jewel Set - Renaissance Hunt September  ✪
Felicity - Shayna Stilettos in Hot Pink - 375 L ✪

Focus Poses Model Sets 98-7, 100-7, 127-7✪
✪ //elephante poses// Creatures of the Night #5-150L Grande Olde Horrorfest Halloween Hunt 
✪ Photo Location in 3rd picture: Overto Omonto  ✪

✪  Old World Designs - Medieval Cottage - 299L ✪  
✪ Boudoir - Cabaret Theatre - 1600L ✪

 Lighting for my images was achieved using SL windlight settings and LUMIPro. I am still learning all the ins and outs of using LUMIPro, so be sure to check out the great images on their site to see what the tool is fully capable of achieving in the hands of an experienced user.

.:::Hope You Enjoyed This Post! :::.

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