Oh Deery...What a Day...

One of the great things about Second Life is the availability of different types of avatar enhancements. I have a fascination with hoofed legs. I love...love them. I know you can't tell since I rarely wear them in my photoshoots but Mel can attest I have quite a few ( he hates them). While out shopping for a few new poses at Studio Sidhe, a gorgeous set of legs by [Gauze] caught my eye up on the wall. The Digi Legs Faun  come in 10 color sets with four shades in each, I am wearing the Sable legs from the Brunette Set. They are on the second floor of Studio Sidhe.

Now one of the challenges with legs such as these is finding a comfortable outfit. I decided to go "half" dressed as my lower half is covered in hair.. it looks like tights right? lol. The Forever Top is created by Meshaholics for Fashion Wardrobe. It has a texture change hud and comes with leggings too, but I am unable to wear them with my legs. My pretty teal Blazer is by  *SLAVE*. It comes with a color change hud with 15 textures. This one is definitely a keeper.

My cute Bobbed Tail is by Lemon Tea. It's real adorable. It flicks back and forth and changes textures. I tinted mine a darker color to match my legs. The pretty Teal Chennai Handbag I am swinging around is a newer release from Loordes of London . My hands are by Slink   I am wearing a combination of two sets; casual and handbag. I love my mesh hands!

The amazing hair and antlers are part of OakLeaf Hair's Faun Hair. I love how the hair flows off the antlers and moves when I walk. I totally fell in love with this hair. Oh and before i forget, it comes with optional rigged bangs. I couldn't decide which style I liked more.

 The Harley Skin and Alyx Shape by Pink Fuel are my favorite to wear right now. STFU Inccreated the adorable faun spots you see peeking out on my chest, they go all the way down my sides and legs too. Oh!Liv made the cute fawn nose and face spots. My rosey read lips are part of the lipsticks I got with my Harley Skin from Pink Fuel. The dangling Santa Fe necklace and earring are mesh creations by Maxi Gossamer. My glasses are from an outfit by Crank Design. My golden peeps are light hazel Utopia eyes by IKON.


OakLeaf Hair's Faun Hair - Ginger - 250L ✪
[Gauze] - Digi Legs Faun, Brunettes - 400L ✪
Pink Fuel, Harley. Hazel Skin, 1,000L Skin - 1500L - Fatpack ✪ 
Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape - 500L ✪ 
Slink - Casual Hands - 450L ✪
Slink - HandBagHands - 450L ✪
Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears - 179L ✪
Lemon Tea - Bobbed Tail - 295L ✪ 
Oh!Liv - Faun Makeup - 50L ✪ 
STFU Inc. - Faun Spots Tattoo Black - 200L ✪ 
IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel - 150L ✪

Meshaholics -Forever Top - Fashion Wardrobe - 75L✪
*SLAVE* - Blazer - 250L ✪
Loordes of London - Chennai Handbag-Teal -250L ✪ 
Maxi Gossamer - Santa Fe Necklace (299L), Earrings (199L) ✪ 

✪ POSES ✪ 
//elephante poses// Candy Corn 3 ✪
AAA Poses - Male 2 and Male-x8 ✪

.:::Hope You Enjoyed This Post! :::.

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