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Tonight I did a little sorting through my goodie folder from Feeb's Rascals St Salesroom this month. You have till November 1st to pick these items up if you want them. 

 I really liked the Hera skin by Panda Punx, It has the perfect skin tone with two types of  cleavage options. There are also various appliers to go with this skin at the sale. I am not wearing the shape that comes with the skin as I am attached to my  Alyx Shape by Pink Fuel. Those long beautiful Sylph Ears  are by Illusions. They are mesh and come with a easy to use resize/color change hud. My eyes are Ikon's Utopia  Eyes in Light Hazel.  The Spiked Cross Clavicle is by Baubles! by Phe. I am usually not a fan of this sort of piercings but this one is a keeper. I loved how it looked with  Zentro's beautiful and intricate body art  "Wings".

My dress this evening is the "Laura Tube Dress" by blah.BLAH.blah. It comes in all the standard sizes and a color change hud with ten great color textures. My hair is one of the many great styles you can get from Tameless called Rayne. The hairstyle can be one color or you can have your bangs different from the back of the hair. I am wearing Cocoa with Sandy Bangs in the Naturals Collection.

Now lets talk home decor, check out the awesome furniture items in the photos. They are all new releases by [CIRCA] Living. The Hyde Park Studio Hall Table  is one of two great items you get as a gift in the "Falling Leaves" Hunt. It ends on the 24th, but don't worry if you miss the hunt. There is a group gift version of the Autumn Set as part of the in-world group (with $100 fee while it is placed out) currently at the main store. The "Creature's Heart" Caged in the Night is their gift for the Grande Olde  Horrorfest Halloween hunt. You have till November 8th to get this awesome decor item. The two "Crossways" Haunted Stone Face Wall Art and the "Crossways" Gnarled Forest Branches in a tan vase are for the H&G Designer Warehouse - Spooky Halloween themed round which runs to October 30th.

Last thing I want to share tonight are these awesome black Serendipity Heels by Hollyhood. They are mesh and come with an easy to use texture change hud to change the skin tone and toe nails. I love these heels.


✪  Tameless - Rayne - Naturals - 249L ✪ 
✪  Panda Punx - Hera Skin and Shape - 250L -Feeb's Rascals Salesroom   ✪
✪ Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape - 500L ✪
✪ IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel - 150L ✪
 ✪ *~*Illusions *~* Sylph Ears - 300L  ✪
  [ZENTRO] Wings Tattoo- 150L - Feeb's Rascals Salesroom.  

✪ blah.BLAH.blah - Laura Tube Dress - 149L Feeb's Rascals Salesroom.  
✪ Hollyhood. Serendipity Heels -99L Feeb's Rascals Salesroom.  

✪ [CIRCA] Living - Hyde Park Studio Hall Table -1L - "Falling Leaves" Hunt ✪
✪ [CIRCA] Living -"Creature's Heart" Caged in the Night  - 1L
Grande Olde Horrorfest Halloween Hunt ✪
[CIRCA] Living - "Crossways" Haunted Stone Face Wall Art &
Crossways" Gnarled Forest Branches in a tan vase  H&G Designer Warehouse  250L ✪

✪ POSES ✪ 

 Lighting for my images was achieved using SL windlight settings and LUMIPro. I am still learning all the ins and outs of using LUMIPro, so be sure to check out the great images on their site to see what the tool is fully capable of achieving in the hands of an experienced user.

.:::Hope You Enjoyed This Post! :::.

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