Winter is coming on ....

It's time to shake the dust off your jackets and coats! Winter is around the corner.

In my opinion it takes a bit of a gamble for a designer to  sell a coat since SL is full of minidress-bare-all avatars. I myself love jackets and coats. For this reason when I find a good coat I am tickled to add it to my collection. The Damask Coat I am sharing today is from a new design label called Fifteen Peas. It is 100% Mesh and comes in the standard 5 sizes. You can only find it on the marketplace currently.

With a long coat, like the Gold Damask, I like to pair it with a nice pair of boots. My favorite boots are the Canterbury boot, an oldie but still a goodie, by Loordes of London.  They are available in a ton of colors so you will always be able to find a pair to match your outfits.

The open neckline of the Damask Gold Coat made it perfect to center piece my new Joan (Carnelian) necklace from Stars!.


✪ Tameless - Shaniah - Naturals - 249L ✪
✪ Pink Fuel, Harley. Hazel Skin, 1,000L Skin - 1500L - Fatpack ✪
✪ Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape - 500L ✪
✪ IKON - Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel - 150L ✪
✪ Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears - 179L ✪

 ✪ Fifteen Peas - Gold Damask Coat - 250L  ✪
✪ Loordes of London -Canterbury Boots - Purple - 150L ✪
 ✪ Stars! Joan (carnelian) Necklace - 125L  ✪

✪ POSES ✪ 

 Lighting for my images was achieved using SL windlight settings and LUMIPro. I am still learning all the ins and outs of using LUMIPro, so be sure to check out the great images on their site to see what the tool is fully capable of achieving in the hands of an experienced user.

.:::Hope You Enjoyed This Post! :::.

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