MRF Sneak Peek - Opens Oct. 10th.

Ohs mi god... I died and went to heaven.. the Mystical Realms Faire Heaven, that is! 

The Mystic Realms Faire is a new yearly event designed for creators to explore their own fantastic side and for shoppers to explore the creations from more than 140 awesome participants on two sims!

I have a great sneak peak of some of the goodies you can get between October 10th and the 26th. There are tons of designers and lots of goodies to be had, so mark your calendars to attend! The following items/stores are only but a small handful I really liked from Sim II. I will be going more in depth on many of the designer's items in later posts as I have more time to really showcase them. You can see a full shopping guide at the Mystic Realms Faire Blog. SLURLs are SIM I | SIM II. The sims are not open till the 10th!


The first designer to catch my eye was Kalospia. It was like fall burst in the room, it was just breath taking. As a blogger the exploding leaves just made me squeal..oh the things I can do with those! You will definitely being seeing more of Kalospia in later posts.  There were these amazing fountains too. All really affordable priced.... I couldn't resist them.

The Forge

The Forge had a really nice selection of armor. I especially liked the Daerwn Armor and boots. They appear to have some really detailed products, perfect for those seeking realism in their role plays.


Roawenwood had some great old world designs on display, perfect for giving your home that old aged feel.  Though the piece I liked the most, Kaamil Corner Beanbag chair, looked a bit more modern then you would expect to find at a fantasy fair...unless it was for a sci-fi setting..hmm...


I was not really sure what Dwarfin's was when I walked into the store, but I did know it peaked my interest and made me want to know more about it. Dwarfins are apparently a "breedable" interactive creature, that has the abilty to perform skills and reproduce. It was interesting to look at but it took me a while to figure out what they were at first, as there was no clear explanation anywhere on the offical site. I really like the detail of the skills and how interactive they are. They do not seem to take up much more space then your typical breedable. You can read up more here, Dwarfins!.

Kitty Moon

Kitty Moon is a bright fantastical shop that has some amazing beaded curtains and  room dividers. I really liked the blue divider on the left, all the sparkles were charming.


Ayashi has some wonderful role play designs and hairs, I really liked how playful the designs were, perfect for cosplay!

Empyrean Forge

Wow...omg wow.. look at those necklaces!! I am a bit of a jewelry addict. It takes all my will power not to over do it on my posts.. but just wow. You have got to check this designer out. Amazing designs! Oh...they got some awesome looking swords too. Too bad I am not a sword girl.


Storybook has some adorable accessories that would go perfect to accent your gowns. I especially liked the Harmony headdress. The shop was really decorated cute, too.


I really liked these metal Marimba collars from Axix. I can see endless possibilities for outfits it could compliment. They have a nice selection you should stop in and take a peek around.


Storm Wood offers a nice variety of items to build the perfect fantasy environment. I really liked the bottles knickknack they have on sale. I am a clutter person. I enjoy little things to look at. These are perfect to put on a shelf as an accent piece.


PFC has some awesome fur gloves and fur boots in their store along with a big bag o' bones. Not sure what you would do with a pile of bones, but I think it would go with some roleplay sims. I had fun looking at their designs. I recommend you at least stop in and see them too.


Chariot was a very interesting shop to nose around in a bit. Their designs are quite futuristic, sci-fi orientated and shows the designer has a sense of humor. I can appreciate that. I particularly liked the Candida  rigged mesh head/mask.

Bite & Claw

Bite&Claw has some nice fantasy outfits and accessories. The Mesh staff caught my eye. It would be what my mage would use if I had They are shiny and affordable!

Death Row Designs

For those who like the little details in their outfits, Death Row Designs has some really nice accessories to give your outfits a little zing. I really liked the belt pouch with the fork and spoon on it.


Bluprintz is the place for those who like feathery wings. They have a fantastical selection of some really cute meshwings. There are matching head pieces to go with. Though the tentacle legging twining the legs on top display caught my attention the most. Talk about not a fantasy of mine... ekk!


MeadowWorks was a fun shop to visit, they have a lot of interesting outdoors furniture and statues. I especially liked the Dryad and Rabbit statuettes.

.:::Hope You Enjoyed This Post! :::.

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