It came in the mist...

It was a night, like many nights -- dark, that is. The air was hot and muggy, making it hard to want to sleep. I, ever being the insomniac, did not resist staying up later than I should have considering the full day I had before me the next day. The mist was rolling up over the field in front of my house, making for a beautiful yet eerie sight. I sat watching it roll in, the grass glistening, the fog floating slightly over the ground as if it were a lover reaching down slowly to caress the earth. Smiling faintly to myself over my romantic musing, my eyes caught the faint movement, a shifting shadow barely noticeable...

Carefully I get up, my movements tense and slow. I blink my eyes several times as I watch the shape amble slowly up the dock. My eyes widen as I am unsure of what I am viewing...what type of man is must be a man...a woman is not that big... but it moves as if it is hurt. Slowly I move closer to the open veranda doors...

There... my eyes widen as I stared out the doors, there it was.. my eyes did not deceive me..the fog parted letting the moonlight stream across the field, revealing the hulking creature as it slowly made it way toward me. Its large teeth glistening wetly in the moonlight, the amphibious creatures eyes latched onto mine...and it smiled.

My eyes widen as panic set in. I did the only thing I could think to do, the one thing my sisters in horror have done down the years in movies. Yes that is right .... I did it... I ran screaming from the room.

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