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Good evening all, today's presentation is brought to you by Manga. Yes, you read that right, Manga. For those who are unaware of what Manga is, it is a style of comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children. My son came into my room this evening talking about his latest one. That got my mind to thinking about the personalities of the school girls in them. Just to name a couple types, there are always the cute innocent little sister type, and at least one older prim-sister-like one, and a rebel type. These three characters are key to any Manga. They can be male or female depending on the genre you are reading.

Let's start with the cute innocent school-girl. She typically represents the small sister-type who you want to protect and keep safe. She generally is mischievous and terrorizes you at every chance. This character tends to fall in love with an older character and follows them around jealously guarding against the older girls. Their love is unfortunately never returned, since their age makes an affair rather poor taste. They are very Kawaii (cute).

Lucky for us, I received the "Hot for Teacher" outfit from Entice. It was perfect for my school girl look. You can buy the fat pack that comes with a color change HUD that has all five colors or buy the individual colors separately.  I used the Phoebe Skin & Shape (Porcelain) by Tir na n'Og on all the photos . For my kawaii hair, I chose Cheveux's F058 Hair in a deep brown. To make my character comfortable in her setting, I let her toss off her Utopia chained heels by KC Couture and sit around barefoot. Even though she tries to be a big girl.. those shoes still hurt to walk around in all day!

To set the stage for my kawaii schoolgirl, I surrounded her with props you would normally see in the books. They usually are very studious  and smart. This is represented by piles of books around the room. For this I chose StoraxTree's Morocco Long Trunk & Books. Their rooms also have tons of pillows, stuff animals and usually a pet cat. I lucked into Dreamland Designs' Cozy Autumn Chair at the Flawless Trick or Treat Cart Sale. It was perfect with the over stuffed pillows with cute designs, a throw blanket  and even a cute cat curled up next to it. It was a steal at fifty lindens. You can get one for yourself if you go before Nov. 2nd. Manga rooms tend to have a comfy over stuffed look that blends with old-elegance, so I tossed in the dEBra  hanging flower lamp  by %Percent to give it a playful elegant feel.

The next  character we have is the older prim-sister-like character. She is most often burdened with being the responsible one in the family and making sure everyone is being taken care of properly. She tends to be really serious and lack humor, smiles are rare and when they do, it means they care a lot for who they are smiling at. 

For my older sister, I used the same "Hot for Teacher" outfit from Entice, only in a sterner color. I figured this would be okay as a upper-classman uniform compared to the one that the little sister would wear. In most Manga's the sisters go to the same school and wear almost the same outfits. I  kept the Phoebe skin & shape by Tir na n'Og, since it is a very versatile skin and made them look like they are in the same family. Since I needed a sterner look for the older sister character, I included the glasses that came with the outfit from Entice and added the free Inna Hair from enVogue.  

Predictably, the older stern sister will bump into a new character, who just started at the school. This new character will be a rebel and refuse to follow the rules.  Most often they do not wear the uniform and will have pale white/blonde hair. Everything about this new character will scream instability and be the polar opposite of the big sister. This is most often the character the little sister will decide she "loves" and will follow worshiping them, making their lives and their chosen loves life hell. 

The older-sister will, at first, not like this person and they will have several verbal spars where the older sister is often made to look bad, or "lose face" in front of her friends and family. This causes there to be serious drama and tension between the two as their relationship grows deeper and more tangled. The turning point in their relationship is most often when the new character gets hurt and the older-sister character saves the new character or finds them as they are weak and needing help.

This is always a touching heart-wrenching part in the story as they each confess to the other their weaknesses and fears. They will each discover that they do not truly hate the other but instead are the closest friend the other has. This moment makes manga readers whimper and cry as they flip slowly through the pages, going "I knew it.. I knew it.. they do love each other!" And inevitably the shameful forbidden love tryst begins....

How does this tale end? Well, rarely ever happy... but I guess that is why we like them so much, it frees up the characters for a all new forbidden romance in season two.... when a "new new character" appears and it becomes a love triangle!

Tir na n'Og, Phoebe Skin & Shape (Porcelain)
IKON, Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel (ML) 
Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears 
Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
Slink - AvEnhance Casual Hands
Tameless, Angel Avatar (blonde 3rd photo) (discontinued)
✫ Tameless, Trinity Hair, (photo 3) Naturals
enVOGUE, HAIR Inna (photo 2 & 3) SLFO Exclusive GIFT (Free)
✫ CHEVEUX: F058 Hair FATPACK @ Room69 between  November 1st and 20th

Entice - Hot for Teacher Outfit - Fatpack w/ HUD (all photos)
KC Couture - Utopia Chained Heels, (Photo 1)
✫ Tameless, Angel Avatar (blonde 3 & 4 photo) (discontinued)

✫ Photo 1: Dreamland Designs Cozy Autumn Chair @ Flawless Trick or Treat Cart Sale till Nov 2nd
✫ Photo 1: StoraxTree,  Morocco Long Trunk & Books Dark
✫ Photo 1: %Percent, dEBra Flower Lamp @ EB Awareness SL Charity Event till Oct 31st
✫ Photo 2: DIGS, Delaney Couch, Steel Blue
✫ Building in all photos: Greymoon Designs - Green House

✫ Photo 1: Dreamland Designs Cozy Autumn Chair @ Flawless Trick or Treat Cart Sale till Nov 2nd
✫ Photo 2: DIGS, Delaney Couch, Steel Blue
✫ Photo 3&4: Phoenix Poses,  Lovers Fall poses @ Room69 between  November 1st and 20th

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