A little Home for the Holidays

Good evening all, tonight's presentation is all about home decor. While cleaning my inventory I came across several  cute pieces of home furnishing I thought would be nice to share with all of you all.

I recieved a sneak peek pack from Potpourri Designs of the neat items they have created for the Thames River Frost Fair which runs November 28 - December 28. There will also be a Gacha area at the Fair.  In the photo I have featured the Sugarplum Chaise Lounge and Silver Snowflake in Silver & White frame. Their Gacha items are the Snow Covered Tree in Silver Pot, Winter Blue Tree Rug, Winter Blue & Elm Straightback Chair, Winter Blue &  Iced Chrome &  Glass Coffee Table, Taupe Tile Wall Fireplace and the skybox - Winter Day Simple. The skybox is pretty cool it only has a land impact of 5 with a 20x20 footprint. It has a wintery snowy scene outside of the large windows. 

Since the holidays is coming up, it's important to have good finger foods on hand. (See what I did there?) CIRCA Living  has created some amazing goodies for the Thrift Shop 7.0, which runs till November 30th. Each of the new food giver items, offer single or multiple flavors to your guests upon one touch at random. The food items to hold have eating animations included (so no worries on standing like a statue). These are a great idea for seasonal get-togethers and party setups for friends, family and guests. All new exclusives & previous items shown at their booth are 50% off during the event.

The next items I would like to share is by Heart Homes. It is their Fall into bliss living room set. Heart Homes has some really great complete living room sets at affordable prices. The seating comes with a lot of animations and props. The cute foxes sitting on the couch and chair are exclusive GATCHA Items for by Serenity Style for The Thrift Shop 7.0 ( 9 to 30 November). The sky box is The Stockholm Attic by Barnesworth Anubis.The decorations on the shelf are all parts of the sky box. The  Old hanging Retro Lamp  is by Serenity Style. It was an exclusive item for the Monster Mash event held at The G-Spot on Nov 1st.

Serenity Style also hav some really cute decorative items that can be used across the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. The  Ellete Elf  and the Sense of Fall center piece. Both are adorable, perfect for decorating any shelf or even by the front door. The Fantasy Room event runs till November 25th.

For the 2014 Cirque de Seraphim, which began Nov 6th, %Percent  created six wonderful items. My favorite are featured above, the Circus light  and Rita's Burlesque chair in red. All exclusive items are 50% donation to the ASPCA, The items are inspired by the bearded lady of the circus.  I love the bearded lady! You have from now until the 26th of November to go see all the goodies.

I found this really cute Victorian Dressing Table and Midsummer Night's Chandelier by Ravenghost at Room69. When you sit at the table your profile picture appears in the place of the mirror. It's a pretty neat trick for a mirror.The style and design are all high quality and very elegant. I am sure you will see it in more of my photos in the future.

For the Dirty Turkey Hunt, RnB Designs created the Alchemist Low table. It comes with a skull candle, book, small box, and rug. For the Brother's Grimm Hunt, which runs till Nov 30, Potpourri Designs created several amazing exclusive items: The Evil Queen's Jars of Wicked Ingredients, the Happily Ever After and Once Upon A Time Rustic Chairs.  

Another interesting piece I received was from Lantian Flox. It is a Smashable Pot. The style I am showing is the Green Ethnic Amphora. The pot comes with a stick and if you hold down your left button and move with your arrow keys you hit the pot till it shatters. This is an amazing stress reliever. I think I did it about fifty times till Mel finally asked me what was my deal. hehehe...I won't ever tell him. I imagine you could run over the pot and smash it too.

While wandering around looking for interesting designers I came across LIVID's Blood Drop Hanging Chair.It's a free group gift. It comes with four animations loaded. It was pretty darn cool, all of you who like the darker side should check it out.

✫ Potpourri Designs Sugarplum Chaise Loung  @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28
✫ Potpourri Designs Silver Snowflake in Silver & White frame @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28
✫ Potpourri Designs Snow Covered Tree in Silver Pot  @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28
✫ Potpourri Designs Winter Blue Tree Rug   @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28
✫ Potpourri Designs Winter Blue & Elm Straightback Chair  @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28
✫ Potpourri Designs Winter Blue & Iced Chrome Glass Coffee Table  @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28
✫ Potpourri Designs Taupe Tile Wall Fireplace @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28
✫ Potpourri Designs Skybox - Winter Day Simple @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28
✫ CIRCA Living, "Winter Joy", cupcake Tri-Tier Stand @The Thrift Shop Till Nov 30th.
✫ CIRCA Living "Winter Joy", Cupcake Party Plattter @The Thrift Shop Till Nov 30th.
✫ CIRCA Living "Winter Joy", Brownie Party Plattter - Deluxe @The Thrift Shop Till Nov 30th.
✫ CIRCA Living "Winter Joy",Miny Brownie Platter - Melty @The Thrift Shop Till Nov 30th.
✫ CIRCA Living - "Winter Joy", Cheese & Cracker Party Board @The Thrift Shop Till Nov 30th.
Heart Homes, Fall into Bliss Livingroom
✫ Serenity Style Cute Foxes  GATCHA Items @The Thrift Shop Till Nov 30th.
✫ Barnesworth Anubis, the Stockholm Attic skybox
✫ Serenity Style Old Retro Lamp  exclusive item @ the Monster Mash event 
✫ Ravenghost Victorian Dressing Table and Midsummer Night's Chandelier
Potpourri Designs, Evil Queen's Jars of Wicked Ingredients   6 prims
✫ Potpourri Designs, Happily Ever After and Once Upon A Time Rustic Chairs
%Percent  Circus light  and Rita's Burlesque chair in red @ 2014 Cirque de Seraphim
✫ Serenity Style Ellete Elf Gatchas and the Sense of Fall center piece  @Fantasy Room till Nov. 26
✫ Lantian Flox. Smashable Pot, Green Ethnic Amphora.
✫ RnB Designs Alchemist Low table
✫ Livid : Blood Drop Hanging Chair (FREE)

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