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Today I want to veer away from my normal presentations. In this post, I would like to share a bit about MIdelle's Designs. You may remember my post on Halloween, I did a quick write up on "Midelle's Tropical  Jungle Romantic Garden".  I have since found myself wandering back there just to hang out while I write up my posts or sort my inventory because I found the people and place so pleasant to be around.

My favorite hang out at Midelle's Tropical  Jungle Romantic Garden.
On one of my visits I had the pleasure of bumping into Shoshana76, the owner of Midelle's Designs (Midelle's Designs Landscaping). From our conversation I learned a lot of interesting information about her and of which Midelle's Tropical Jungle Romantic Garden is only a small part of a larger organization called Midelle's Designs,

Midelle's Designs Headquarters
Shoshana76 has been part of Second Life for over four years. Shoshana76  Her passion in the game is Art. During our conversation she told me: "Art is what I do best..anyway I am a designer in real, I love to design and designing is my passion." 

She had always wanted to be a designer since she was nine years old.  The first time she designed something was at the age of eleven with her mother. Her mother owned and operated boutiques in Real life. Shoshana76 got to help make a design to be places in one of the biggest stores in the city. This experience ignited her passion for design. To pursue this passion she has worked slowly over the years to introduce her own brand and talent in Real Life and then in Second Life in order to expand her business territory into the 3D arena.

Shoshana76 has many designers in Real Life that inspires her, but counts herself very lucky in Second Life becuase she has amazing friends and a creative environment that help her to keep learning. Which also helps her to grow as a person and builder, She gets much of her inspiration from her friends but the most influential ideas she has is from nature. The trick is to take the natural form of something and translate that over into  your creations,  like  the shape of bird or just a rock. Her respect for nature carries over in her designs. The way nature speaks to her soul is evident in the care and thought  she takes creating her designs.

Midelle's Designs started out in 2012 as a very small store containing only 150 prims. The very first item sold was a wedding cake. Over time as Shoshana76 interests expanded and her SL skills grew her little store became several different venues offering a variety of creations and services.

Bubble Gum Little Witch Table Lamp
The first of these venues is Midelle's Designs, which focuses on home furnishings, garden decorations and home appliances, with a really nice selection of designs to assist with weddings or special events.

Beautiful Black/White/Purple Wedding Cake
The cakes are quite elaborate and detailed. I enjoyed looking at them. They also have a great Victorian Garden Wedding venue you can purchase to create the perfect setting for your wedding.

Victorian Garden Wedding Venue
The second venue is Midelle's Designs Landscape, it's focus is on building sims, skyboxes, custom castle, and  houses. If you are looking for and affordable skybox, try Midelle's Exclusive Skycondo, with sophisticated contemporary urban style of design, Starting from 65l with 10 prims per week, full animation and dance ball included, most of all, a helpful and friendly customer service. 

Midelle's Tropical Jungle Romantic Garden
For a great place to hang out with your friends or significant others, Midelle's Tropical  Jungle Romantic Garden is a great romantic jungle garden with secret hiding places, huts, and gaming such as a Raffle board, camper spots  and cone jumping. There also is a small mall with a nice selection of clothing and skins for both men and women.

Sucker Punch Club
If your looking for a good club to hang out in, Sucker Punch is fun. They have events daily. You can join their in-world group for updates on the events or teleport in to check out the DJ board. Just cut and paste this code into your in-word chat to join the group: secondlife:///app/group/946c4a40-b738-c08f-c39e-d0e0f8d4de3e/about

A couple of upcoming events you might want to check out being sponsored by Midelle's Designs are:

Midelle's will be having a grid wide Christmas hunt running from November 22 through to December 11, 2014. The hunt is free to participate in. They are currently accepting application for Designers and Bloggers. If you are interested in joining the team on this hunt hop over to the sim and click the sign for more information. To celebrate the opening of the event, there will be a party at Sucker Punch, November 20th, 3-5 SLT.

To keep up on all the happenings at Midelle's Designs be sure to check out their official blog.

Deluxe Body Factory, Lucia  Skin, Vanilla (Peace on Earth Hunt, 2013 (unavailable now)
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Takira shape 6'3" 1.93m (part of skin and shape pack, 1,995l)
✫ Tameless, Tameless Sissy - Naturals, 250l
Tameless, Lashes 22, 99l
IKON, Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel, 150l
Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears, 175l
Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female High, 675l
Slink - AvEnhance Casual Hands, 675l

✫ Supernatural - Sienna Pants, 169l @Room69 till November 20.
✫ Loordes of London, Anatolia Wedges #17
✫ ILLI, Heel Warmers, 169l @Room69 till November 20.
✫ .Latter. Calm Purple Blouse, 169l @Room69 till November 20.
✫ Maxi Gossamer: Necklace - Gypsy Flower Amulet of Antimony @ Collabor88 till Dec 6.
✫ Photo 1: Pose part to the hut.
✫ Photo 4: Eternal Dreams, Look @ My Hands #10, 100l @Cosmopolitan till November 22.
✫ Photo 1: Eternal Dreams, Linger #06 

✫ Midelle's s Designs, Beautiful Black/White/Purple Wedding Cake, 299l
✫ Midelle's s Designs, Victorian Garden Wedding Venue, 1,999l
✫ Midelle's s Designs, Bubblegum Lil Witch Table Lamp, 399l
✫ Heart Homes. "Hanukkah" Side Table part of the Living-room Set @Room69 till Nov. 20th.

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