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Good Evening Everyone, Tonight's presentation is brought to you by a couple of my favorite Home & Garden Designers: CIRCA Living, Heart Homes, Persnickety, Silent Woods and Serenity Style.

It all started with the living-room set I found at  Room69 by Heart Homes. It is called the "Hanukkah", a Jewish themed complete set (41 li). It consists of the seating, tables, coffee table decoration, rug, and plants. The only thing I did not use of the set were the two menorah candles.  The seating has over 320 animations and 20 props. 

The wall shelf behind the couch is by Serenity Style (1 li). It was a special gift from the Club Lucente 6th Anniversary party.

I then found the wonderful "Wicked Forest" wall art by CIRCA Living (5 li for what I used). They were part of the "Eastwick" Halloween Hunt. The Autumn table centerpiece in the back corner, with the orange candle is by Persnickety (6 li). If you join their in-world group, you will receive it free during the month of November!

My home is by Silent Woods, they have a really nice variety of sky boxes to choose from. Mine is the Theeba" skybox, 47 li, 15 x 32m (480qm) . The foliage on the pergola is changeable to match the season.  All together everything pictured is under 100 land impact.

✫ Heart Homes.  "Hanukkah" Complete Living-room Set @Room69 till Nov. 20th.
✫ CIRCA Living, "Wicked Forest" wall art @ "Eastwick" Halloween Hunt 2014 till Nov 8
✫ Persnickety, Autumn Table Centerpiece 40L normally but in November Free, Join the Group.
✫ Serenity Style, Secret Shelf, special gift from the Club Lucente 6th Anniversary party.
Silent Woods, "Theeba" Skybox, 549l

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