My Wintery Hide Away...

Good Day Everyone! Today's presentation is brought to you by an adorable Your Balloon Winter Skybox, I found while shopping for some wintery landscaping stuff to set up for photos since winter is coming on. One of the first landscaping stores I check when in the market to set up an outdoor scene is Landscaping by Felixvon Kotwitz Alter. They have a ton of great items at a very affordable cost. One of the main things that attract me to their items is they have scenes that have very small footprints and not much land impact. This is perfect for me since I often set up several different scenes on my small land to use for photos.

The first thing that caught my eye was that the skybox is in the shape of a balloon. How is that for fun?  The skybox has a campfire, well, particle snowflakes, and plenty of sculpted trees and snow. It fits on a 30x30m lot and is 70 prims total. It is easy to set up since it comes in a rezzbox,

After I rezzed it, I noticed the skybox it had a rope hanging down from the balloon. At first I thought that's a cute touch, but then curiosity got me and I clicked it. A small sit ball appeared, so I sat, and started crawling up the string. It took me up into the skybox and I entered through a well. That totally made me smile. What a grand way to get into your skybox.

For quality and cuteness, this skybox is totally worth a gander and purchase. The sky texture rotates on the balloon, snowfalls creating a nice atmosphere and the trees drop pine cones. A wonderful touch, I was so surprised when I saw the first one fall. 

Since the cute skybox is modifiable, it was perfect as it allowed me to move stuff around to set up my winter hideaway using the totally cool stuff picked up at the Cosmopolitan Room by  "Heart Homes" aka Aphrodite Shop. The Cosmopolitan Room runs from November 11 to the 21st. It's a very short time so be sure to hop by and check out all the goodies. The pieces I got are exclusive to the Cosmopolitan Sale but if you would like to see other versions Aphrodite Shop has them at their main store. Of course, since these are special you do get them cheaper than the regular versions, over 25% off.

The  "Wild Animals" Campfire set is mesh and comes in a rezzbox. It is a pretty elaborate campfire, it has high-quality animations and textures. There are over 100 animations for singles and couples in the two logs and stump seats. Everything gives props to go with the animation, the fire is menu controlled and the campfire dispenses food and drinks. It is 33 li and is copy only.

The "First Snow" Winter Camping Tent Set is PG with over forty animations in the mattress and activities for singles and couples. It also provides props to go with the animations. It is mesh, copy only, and 24 li.  The food basket dispenses beverages, too!

The "Winter Swing" is for couples or singles. It has over 30 animations and activities you can do alone or with someone special like reading, working on the laptop, drawing, talking on the phone, listening to music, sharing hot chocolate, and of course, cuddling.

They also have the "Snowed Cozy Nest" Couples Home:  I plan to use it in later posts but wanted to give it a mention here, just in case Real Life gives me a kicker and I don't get to it. The home is 59 land impact comes with plants and lamps. Its footprint is 22m x 16m x 6.9m. My favorite feature on this house is the porch. I do love porches.

✫ Aphrodite Shop,  "Snowed Cozy Nest" Couples Home 950l @ Cosmopolitan till Nov 21st.
✫ Aphrodite Shop,   "The first Snow" Tent, 699l @ Cosmopolitan till Nov 21st.
✫ Aphrodite Shop,  "Winter Swing":   699l @ Cosmopolitan till Nov 21st.
✫ Aphrodite Shop,  "Wild Animals Campfire" 820l @ Cosmopolitan till Nov 21st.
✫ Landscaping by FelixvonKotwitz Alter, Mesh landscape kit snow (Marketplace) Free
✫ Landscaping by FelixvonKotwitz Alter, Little Winter Forest Skybox, 365l (Marketplace

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