Annoyance is the word of the day.

Good evening everyone, tonight's presentation is brought to you by the word "Annoyed". Yes, annoyed as in the fact everything I seem to do today just isn't wanting to work the way I want it to. My mother would say I need more patience and maybe a time out ... that is if she had seen some of the tantrums I threw today...hehe. So of course my annoyance at the world bleed over into my avatar's world. The one thing did work out, happily, was my photos. The captured the "Annoyed" perfectly.

Tonight I finally got around to opening up my Semi-Sweet outfit in red by Tameless. I have been trying to get to it for a week now. The outfit comes with a sweater in five sizes, boots and jeans. The jeans  are worn with appliers. But of course SL was being a monster and wouldn't let me wear my Slink mesh body to show you the jeans. Only one of the many things that would not work right today. I  found some really cute jeans by CH Apparel called Tina.These jeans are available in five different colors and come cuffed or regular. I am wearing the cuffed version. I think it makes for a cuter outfit. I have a major affection for cuffed pants.

My shoes are made by KC Couture, called Serena. I really liked how the shoes are 2-in-1 shoes. You can switch off the top wide strap to make them strapless heels. They are 100% rigged mesh that are HUD driven. The HUD comes with 20 Preset Textures+ 20 Strap & 10 Heels Variations, over 600  combinations. These options really opens up the variety in which you can wear the shoes. They are great as casual or elegant evening affair shoes. 

The shoes are made to be worn with Slink high feet, which I am wearing in the picture above. I pretty much wear my Slink hands and feet all the time now. They are the only mesh body enhancements I do wear, other than the occasional showing of my Slink mesh body for applied outfits I really adore. The only issue I have encountered with Slink feet, and/or shoes made to be worn with them, is sometimes my feet are in the ground. If this happens to you, go into edit appearance and adjust your "hover" setting under the body tab. I find "51" or "52" to work best for me. Of course if you have a non-mod shape you are out of luck.

My lovely tresses, skin, shape and eyelashes are also by Tameless. The skin is called Melinda. You can buy a full avatar set or just a skin and shape set. I only have the Melinda skin and shape set. The full avatar set comes with hair and clothing too. My set comes in four skin tones with cleavage options. I prefer the gold  tone. It also comes in all the standard mesh body enhancement appliers. My eyelashes are one of Tameless' many eyelash designs, # 22.

My rigged mesh hair is called Beatrix. It is available in a natural, fade and fantasy color packs. Each pack has 20 color textures. This is one of the biggest, fullest hairstyles I own. This is perfect for the wildness of my day. I normally stay away from big poofy hair but I felt it matched my mood today perfectly what is better than hair that does the opposite of what I normally

For an accent piece I chose Maxi Gossamer's  Mabon Night Flower. It is an exclusive piece for  Collab88, only available till Nov 6. It comes in two lengths, and with earrings. It has color change options, too. Perfect match for any outfit!

One of the many things I tried to do today, and failed at, is decorate my new skybox by Home-Appeal. I originally wanted to do a post showing off my new home all decorated. But SL once more foiled my plans by deciding to eat everything I put out or tell me I don't have rezzing rights on my own land (rolls my eyes...pfft SL).

So instead I will show you my empty home! I know you are excited! It is a skybox and has a really spacious open 20x20 lay-out. With an upper floor screened off with checkered wall screens. So you get the feel of privacy without losing the openness of the build. It is only 27 prims,too. Perfect for my stingy prim allotment! It's also a great bargain at Room69 this month, only 69l!

I did manage to get one corner of my new home decorated, so I will share that with you. I found some really neat items for my "sitting" corner. Earlier this week while wandering the Flawless Sim, I came across a new store called USB owned by McChris Flanagan. He is still in the process of stocking it up  but in it were some of the most adorable nerdy furniture ever. I couldn't resist it at all. Most of the items are Gacha finds. The CD Table Ebony is a Rare (4 li), along with the Equation shelf in black (4 li).  In my photo I also have the Floppy Chair in red and blue (4 li),  The Fluffy black heart rug is by Potpourri Designs (1 li).

The lamp is part of the Living Lamp collection. It is a Gacha set. They move back and forth. I  have the "candy" version on the small table in the picture of my sitting corner. It is six li. Its cute..if maybe a bit sexual. The lamp's head bobs up and down. Definitely a center piece to be talked about with visitors. The one I really want is Penelope, the little lamp holding the books in the bottom corner of the shot above. I keep going back trying to see if i can get it, but I get a lot of Candys, lol.  My luck sucks... but if have good luck, I would recommend giving it a go and see if you can get the whole collection. Perfectly adorable.

The wall hanging in photo one is by [CIRCA]  Living. It is part of the Hyde Park set, called Apple Branches 2. I got that item a few years back, so I am not sure if it is still available in store. It may have been a hunt item too. If you are in for a few new home items, definitely check CIRCA out. I have been a dedicated fan of theirs for years. I love their designs.

I really feel my poses matched my mood perfectly. For that, my thanks goes out to Eternal Dream Poses for creating the Linger pose set. Perfect mood static poses. I used number 7 and 9.

Well this is probably one of my more longer posts, but I had a lot to say since I have had such a frustrating day. I hope all of yours has gone better than mine!

Tameless, Melinda Gold , 399l
Tameless, Beatrix Mesh Hair - Naturals, 250l
Tameless, Lashes 22, 99l
IKON, Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel, 150l
Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears, 175l
Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female High, 675l
Slink - AvEnhance Casual Hands, 675l

Tameless, Semi-Sweet Red, 199l
CH Apparel Store, Tina Jeans, 125l
✫ Maxi Gossamer, Mabon Night Flower (short) @ Collab88 until Nov 6.
KC Couture, Serena Heels for Slink High Feet, 89L

✫ Home Appeal, Corle, 69l @ROOM69 until Nov 20th.
✫ USB,  CD Table Ebony 
✫ USB,  Equation shelf in black 
✫ USB,  Floppy Chair in red and blue 
✫ USB,  Candy Lamp
✫ Potpourri Designs Fluffy black heart, 50l
CIRCA Living, Hyde Park Collection, Apple Branches 2

✫ Photo 1: Eternal Dreams,  Linger #7
✫ Photo 2: Elephante Poses, Goody Two Shoes #2
✫ Photo 3: Eternal Dreams, Linger #9

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