Your Scent Drives Me....

Evening Everyone, Tonight's presentation is brought to you by Pose by Phoenix. The "Your Scent" couple pose Is a new creation for the Thrift Shop. It is available until November 30th. Since getting it I have been harassing all my  friends to come help me out with it, so I can make a pretty picture. Finally tonight, Max agreed to pop in and help me out so I can share it with you all. I think the photo turned out rather well, even though Max was not happy when I made him shift his size down a notch to fit my body size. What is it with men and the need to be monstrous sizes?

My "Cross Bone" full outfit tonight is by Tameless. It comes with the shirt, pants, boots, bracelets, gun and some cool earrings. Max is wearing Zyra's Samuel Complete Avatar. He is a man of a small closet, so he proclaims when I try to get him to try on a different outfit. I swear he has been wearing that one for at least two years. *Shakes fist* Someday Max,Someday!

My Savannah skin is by Deluxe Body Factory for Room69. You get  one skin tone, two breast options and  appliers for Slink hands, feet, and Lolas Tango. I am wearing Rumina's Reema hair   It comes with a texture change HUD wtih 20 variations of brown hair, with or with out roots. My lovely elven ears are by Lemon Tea.  My eyes are the light hazel Utopian eyes by IKON. 

My jewelry is by Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88. She has both necklace set, ring and earring set on sale. Both sets are part of the Gypsy Flower Amulet of Antimony line. All of Maxi's jewelry is very high quality and comes with the ability to change the colors. Her attention to detail on her pieces is amazing. I am a long time fan of her creations.

As I was getting undressed I hit a item in my inventory and thought it made a great outfit too. So I thought I would share it. E C R U has created a nice mesh coat called "Dita".  It is made to fit standard sizes. It comes in two sets of 8 colours. I am wearing the Vermilion. I believe it is part of texture set 01. The pants and boots are part of Tameless' Cross Bone Full Outfit featured in photo 1.

✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Savannah Skin, Tan, @ Room69 till Nov. 20th.
Rumina, Remma
IKON, Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel (ML)
Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears
Slink - AvEnhance Casual Hands

✫ E C R U: "Dita" Mesh Coat: Vermilion.
Tameless: Cross Bone Full Outfit
✫ Maxi Gossamer: Necklace - Gypsy Flower Amulet of Antimony @ Collabor88 till Dec 6.
✫ Maxi Gossamer: Ring  - Gypsy Flower Amulet of Antimony @ Collabor88 till Dec 6.

✫ Photo 1: Pose by Phoenix, "Your Scent" Couple Pose @ Thrift Shop til Nov. 30.
✫ Photo 2: Pose created using AO
✫ Photo 3: Le Rawr, Im All Yours @ Room69 till Nov. 20th.

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