Anne Alyce, aspiring moon goddess....

Hello! My name is Anne Alyce. I am most pleased to meet you. I was born in the year of the Horse. 
Many say this is why I should be outgoing, but I am not.

My father says if I just give it time I will out shine the moon.
 Just between us, I think I already do, at least as much as when it's at a quarter shine.

I have a dark secret... I ran into Frosty the Snowman. 
He really did sing and dance just like the song said. Well, he did till I ran into him.

This Presentation is brought to you by:

Gothmas by Gaslight. Gothmas is a two sim Holiday Shopping and Gacha Festival, that runs till  January 3rd. There are over 65 designers who have set up booths with some amazing items on sale. Read more on this unique holiday celebration event at the official Gothmas site.

Tir na n'Og, Emma Neutral, 490L
Tir na n'Og, Emma Shape, 290L
IKON Kaleido Eyes - Day, 150l
Ploom - Betsy, 100l, Part of 12 Days of Christmas.
Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears, 175l

 Greymoon - Gothmas Dress Red & Gold,200L @Gothmas by Gaslight til Jan 3
✫  Chaos, Panic, & Disorder - Elizabeth Ankle Boots, 99L @Gothmas by Gaslight til Jan 3
Maxi Gossamer,  True Heart Necklace, 299L

✫ Preloaded Animations in Lumipro 


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