Day 2: The [UN]Happy Holidays Celebration @ Unrepentant

Today is the SECOND day of the the [UN]Happy Holidays Celebration at Unrepentant. Each day at Unrepentant from the 13th until the 26th of December you can collect a new piece of the town of Happy and their worst Christmas ever entirely for free - then for five days until New Year's Eve you'll have a chance to get the ones you might have missed in a free random daily roll!

"The town of Happy has always prided itself on its celebration of the holidays with style. But this year everything went wrong. It all started with the town's Christmas tree and a freak lightning storm..."

All pieces except the base for display are no copy, with a limit of one per avatar per day. Old pieces will be available at random once per day once all the parts have been released! So come join us for the first annual [Un]Happy Holidays un-celebration from the 13th to the 31st of December only at Unrepentant!

 To get started you need to follow four simple steps:
  1. Join the Unrepentant Group (It's free!)
  2. Confirm the Group is active.
  3. Grab a Snowy Base.
  4. Touch for Today's Present.
And ta-da! I did it, I remembered to get the second gift! Booyah! I know you were sitting on the edge of your seat just like I was, just waiting for the release (just fake it if you weren't). 

The second gift to completing your UNHappy Holiday Village are roadways! Infrastructure is very important don't you know! It's good to know my UNHappy people are off to a good start, though they might have considered with the storms they have been experiencing that houses might be a higher priority. I am starting to suspect their UNHappiness has something to do with their common sense, but I wont lose faith in my new townsfolk! I trust they will make it in the end! 

Yes, you may have noticed there is a slight lack of pieces to build a complete roadway but rest assured, I was told by some reindeer puppet hands that each day we will get more roadways. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, and so UNHappyville (yes, that is my name for my town) will take just as long..if not longer suspecting their logic functions. But they do appreciate quality and those roadways are all hand-drawn, unique textures! That shows care in construction. This town will rock when we have it done!

So the inventory of my town so far:
Day 1: Snow Base
Day 2: Road Warrior Pack

I can not wait to see what tomorrow's pack will contain! 
Do not forget to get yours today!

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