Day 3: The [UN]Happy Holidays Celebration @ Unrepentant

I bet you thought I forgot  the [UN]Happy Holidays Celebration at Unrepentant yesterday. I also bet you thought I did not pick up the super secret surprise pieces for DAY 3. I bet you thought I failed in my quest to build the perfect [UN]Happyville, also known as on better days as "The Town of Happy".

But I had not forgotten! The pieces were just not placed out before I fell asleep last night. I remembered quite a few times to check, I hopped over there so much I bet Mieville Kipling Sim (Home to Unrepentant) traffic count skyrocketed just from me! Well, perhaps I did not hop over more than once every-other-hour but I tried. That is what counts, right? 

The delay was okay -- it built the suspense and excitement of what Day 3's pieces would be. So once I woke up and had my morning caffeine I logged in all ready to grab the pieces and tell you all about it but the little sign wouldn't give up the goods! (There was a little technical difficulty with the giver script I think, I don't know what really was wrong.. no one told me so I am taking the liberty to make up a plausible reason for what was wrong, just assuming...I can assume..but we know what assuming does.. and look I am off on a tangent again! So... let's just say the darn thing wanted me to be as miserable as the town folks and would not give it to me!)

So before I go on too far I will explain a bit more of what  the [UN]Happy Holidays Celebration at Unrepentant is all about. Each day at Unrepentant from the 13th until the 26th of December you can collect a new piece of the town of Happy and their worst Christmas ever entirely for free - then for five days until New Year's Eve you'll have a chance to get the ones you might have missed in a free random daily roll!

All pieces except the base for display are no copy, with a limit of one per avatar per day. Old pieces will be available at random once per day once all the parts have been released! So come join us for the first annual [Un]Happy Holidays un-celebration from the 13th to the 31st of December only at Unrepentant!

To set the scene for your village some back ground information was given:
"The town of Happy has always prided itself on its celebration of the holidays with style. But this year everything went wrong. It all started with the town's Christmas tree and a freak lightning storm..."

To get started you need to follow four simple steps:
  1. Join the Unrepentant Group (It's free!)
  2. Confirm the Group is active.
  3. Grab a Snowy Base.
  4. Touch for Today's Present.

So as you see in the picture above my dear unhappy citizens have been busy, very busy. Though, I still suspect that the latest unhappy occurrences in their environment is caused by them. As you can see my townsfolk have been busy building roadways for their home. With a little break to perform a bit of excavation after experiencing some minor earth quakes that caused the land to buckle in many places. So now on Day 3, we have the Cliffs of Insanity! There are already some mumbling about the road shortage and not all townsfolk are on board with the design. I have counseled them to be patient, with time will come improvements to the town  happiness will be restored. Of course, the thought of having to wait caused more scowling and grumbling. Such an ungrateful town I have inherited. I cross my fingers and hope tomorrow comes quickly, so that I can bring a few more pieces to make my little UNHappyvillians frown a little less.

The inventory of my town so far:
Day 1: Snow Base
Day 2: Road Warrior Pack
Day 3: The Cliffs of Insanity Pack

Do not forget to get yours today!

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