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Deluxe Body Factory, Grace, Exquisite [Cream] Xmas Makeup @ Megastuff hunt2 (Dec 5-Jan 2)
Tameless, Sugar, Naturals, 249l
Tameless, Lashes 22, 99l
IKON, Hope Eyes, Field, 150l
Pink Fuel, Kumi Female Shape - 500L
Lemon Tea - Plain Elven Ears, 175l
Slink - AvEnhance Casual Hands, 675l
Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female High, 675l
Emo-tions Hairbase 17, Poneytail Black, 100l

✫ SugarBabeZ~JumpSuit, 99l @!Go 99
✫ Maxi Gossamer, Sunglasses - Milano Cats Eye 40's Classic - Animal Prints and Patterns, 399l
✫ Maxi Gossamer, Daisy Chain Bracelets, 199l
✫ Immerschoen-BodyCult Mesh Sneakers Leather Black, 69l @!Go 99

✫ Thaino Designs, Secret wood house, 399l
✫ Thaino Designs, Keepers shabby patch sofa.singles/cuddles anims, 250l
✫ Thaino Designs, Old Wood fire, fire turns on/off 75l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley yellow flowers, 65l
✫ Thaino Designs, Storybook coffee and books pile (mesh) 55l
✫ Thaino Designs, Driftwood shores photos and books, add yr own pics (mesh), 65l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley cat asleep in crate, 95l
✫ Thaino Designs, Old wood stove unit, door opens/close, 90l
✫ Thaino Designs, Old wood cups/plates shelf, 75l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley shabby drawers kitchen unit, 80l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley lunch in a crate75L
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley shabby sink unit, 90l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley cork board2, add yr own pics, 80l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley kitchen chair shabby blue, 65l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley kitchen chair floral blue, 65l
✫ Thaino Designs, Old patchwork rug with resizer, 60l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley kitchen table, 65l
✫ Thaino Designs, Thaino painiting with crayons & paint (decor), 50l
✫ Thaino Designs, Alice coatstand, 120l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley orchid in pitcher, 70l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley old shabby stool (decor only), 55l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley orange flowers, 65l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley kitchen chair floral pink, 65l
✫ Thaino Designs, Pot of crayons and brushes, 45l
✫ Thaino Designs, Bramley white flowers, 65l

✫ HelaMiyo :: Poses Dystopian, pose # 5 (photos 1 ) for MEGAstuff 2 hunt, 1l (Dec 5-Jan 2)

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