Naughty or Nice, which will it be...

Tonight I have some more great goodies for you from Gothmas by Gaslight. Gothmas is a two sim Holiday Shopping and Gacha Festival, that runs till  January 3rd. There are over 65 designers who have set up booths with some amazing items on sale. Read more on this unique holiday celebration event at the official Gothmas site.

The winter holidays sometimes brings out the good in me...sometimes... I say....

It can be a struggle of will, but I have found ....

It's all a matter of pomp, circumstance, and opportunity....

✫ Tameless,  Alma, Natural 250L
✫ Tameless,  Lashes 22, 99l
✫ Pink Fuel, Alyx Shape - 500L
✫  Genesis Creations, Alara Harvest - Peach, Free Gift for SL Free & Offers
✫ External Appearance Shapes, Solstice, 25L @Gingerbread Block Party till Jan 3rd
✫ IKON Kaleido Eyes - Day, 150l

✫ Maxi Gossamer, Falling Starflake Necklace, Free Group Gift 
✫ Maxi Gossamer, Tarifa Bracelets, 199L
✫ Sakide, Dark Christmas Catsuit, 200L @Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ Secrets of Gaia, Honest, I'm Innocent, 50L @@Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd

✫ Howling Asylum, Book Haven,  200L @Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ Howling Asylum, Gothmas Fireplace, 200L @Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ [noctis], krampus cards on string red, 75L @Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ [noctis], krampus cards on string neutral 55L, @Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ [noctis], krampus Staff, white, 100L @Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ [noctis], Krampus wreath, 75L @Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ The Dark Fae, Winter Lady Gacha, 30L @@Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ [CIRCA] Living - Poinsettia Holiday Planter (Advent Calendar Gift)
✫ [CIRCA] Living -  Vintage Ribbon - Ornament Set - Teal with Gold, 500L (Marketplace)
✫ Libertine, Pandora Gifting Set, Yule Ed. 130L@Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ StoraxTree, Estate Persian Rug13, 100L

✫ NanTra, Merry Deathmas, 250L@Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd
✫ NanTra, Eternal Beauty, 250L @Gothmas by Gaslight till Jan 3rd

Gothmas by Gaslight Sims:

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