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Good Evening Everyone, Tonight's presentation is brought to you by the Holiday Season. I have been asked by several where to find a outfit for a Holiday Event. So I dug through the stuff I have picked up along the way and found several great outfits to share. I have sultry and elegant to slinky and short, I am sure you can find something you will want too.

Before I get started on the outfits I do what to share my avatar componets that I feel really made the photos. The crowning piece is the darling Santa Hat Hair called Anneke by Tameless. It comes in three color packs, naturals, fades and fantasy.  It is available at the 2014 Winter Trend. The glittering Snowflake & Bells Necklace and Earrings are by Glint. My lovely shape is by External Appearance Shapes. It is called Zalia. It is the External Appearance Shapes hunt item for  the Flawless: Gingerbread Block Party going on till Jan 2. Look for a Milkshake. Those beautiful baby blue eyes are by IKON, They come in five sizes and are available in over 50 color shades. The colors and reflective quality in them is akin to staring into the soul. The eyes I am wearing tonight are the Paradise shade from their newest line called Hope. My skin is by Tir na n'Og called Brooke It was available during bodyFANATIK  Round 2 . Tir na n'Og skins come with a wide range of appliers. Which makes it easy to match my skin to my Slink Casual Mesh Hands. 

The first outfit I am sharing is by CroM called Treisy. This dress is a gift from their Christmas Hunt. I paired the dress with Jane heels from Vivace.The heels are to be worn with Slink high heels. You can pick these up at Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room till Jan 01.

My second outfit are for those who are looking for a more traditional Holiday outfit. It is the Frosty Outfit by Tameless available at The Winter Trend SL 2014 Event.

My third outfit is Jolly by Roxy. It was actually quite fun to put together as it is part of a Gacha at the Promenade. It's available until December 21. There are sixteen pieces you can get to mix and match an amazing gown. Four corset colors, six long skirts and four mini skirts, so you can have a slinky outfit to go to the club in after the ball.

My fourth outfit is  the  Xmas Cheer Outfit by Tameless available at The Winter Trend SL 2014 Event. It's a lovely sultry short outfit for those who wish to be a bit naughty this holiday.

My final outfit tonight is an exotic design by VIPs Creations. It is an elegant way to celebrate the holidays at the more formal affairs.

And before I go for the evening, I wanted to give a quick call out to CIRCA Living for creating a wonderful mix of holiday home items for this holiday season. They have a wide assortment of food goodies to share too. 

Most of the items seen here are parts of hunts or their Christmas Advent Calendar. You can get some awesome stuff at an awesome price. See the shopping list  below for details on all the individual pieces and where you can find them.

Tameless, Anneke , Naturals , 249L Exclusive @Winter Trend SL 2014 Event.
Tir na n'Og, Brooke @ bodyFANATIK  Round 2 .
✫ External Appearance Shapes - Zalia 1l Hunt Item @Gingerbread Block Party! (Dec 12-Jan 2)
✫ IKON Hope, Paradise Eyes, 150l
✫ Slink - AvEnhance Casual Hands, 675l
✫ Slink - AvEnhance Feet Female High, 675l

✫ Glint, Gemmed Snowflake & Bells Necklace and Earrings

Photo 1 & 2:
✫ Glint, Gemmed Snowflake & Bells Necklace and Earrings
 CroM, Treisy - Snow Dress, 5l @ CroM  Christmas HUNT
✫ ! Vivace ! - High Heels - Jane - red-gold - Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room (till Jan 01)

Photo 3:
✫ Tameless, Frosty Outfit, 249L@Winter Trend SL 2014 Event.

Photo 4:
✫ Ruxy Design, Jolly Gatcha @the Promendade  (Dec 7 - 21)

Photo 5:
✫ Tameless,  Xmas Cheer Outfit, 249L@Winter Trend SL 2014 Event.

Photo 6:
✫  VIPs Creations, I am Your Christmas Nights

✫ Potpourri Designs Skybox - Winter Day Simple @Frost Fair -Nov 28 - Dec 28

Photo 1, 2, 5, & 7:
✫ [CIRCA] Living,  Christmas Jewel Mini Tree w/ Lights - Classic, Christmas Advent Dec 13 gift
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Twilight Forest" Nook Bed - Winter Mint, Black Dot Project Advent
✫ [CIRCA] Living,"Twilight Forest" Rugs Cookie Jars - Naughty & Nice H&G Hunt Dec 1-24
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Twilight Forest" Side Table - Cookie Jars - Naughty&Nice H&G Hunt Dec1-24
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Winter Glow" - Snow Star Decals, Christmas Advent Day 7
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Winter Grove" Poinsettia Wreath, White-Winter 1 Christmas Advent Day 6

Photo 3, 4 & 8:
[CIRCA] Living, "Holly Days"  Party Food Table Gatcha, Apple Pie Plate
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Holly Days"  Party Food Table Gatcha, Snowman Cookie2 Plate
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Holly Days"  Party Food Table Gatcha, Choco Chip Plate
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Holly Days"  Party Food Table Gatcha, Festive Donut Plate
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Holly Days"  Party Food Table Gatcha, Snowman Cookie1 Plate
✫ [CIRCA] Living,  "Holly Days"  Party Food Table Gatcha, Santa Cupcake Plate
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Holly Days"  Party Food Table Gatcha, Holly & Berries Tree - Planter R
✫ [CIRCA] Living,  "Holly Days"  Party Food Table Gatcha, Easel - Jingle All The Way
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Cloud 9" Rose Dome - Red, Christmas Advent Day 4
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Charlotte Bay" Sofa Table with Sea Birds - Birch
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Winter Grove" Poinsettia Wreath - Red-Natural 1, Christmas Advent Day 6
✫ [CIRCA] Living, "Winter Grove" Poinsettia Candle - Red, Christmas Advent Day 1

✫ Photo 2:  BellePoses, Kate Pose 2
✫ Photo 3:  BellePoses,  Cherie 4
✫ Photo 4:  BellePoses, Skater Girl Pose 3
✫ Photo 6:  BellePoses, Drew 6

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