A Manly Moment

Evening everyone, I haven't really felt like blogging much these days. Not since a designer the other day was nice enough to inform me my readership and blog was insignificant and my readership sucked. And here I thought I was doing so well. I always tell myself that for every one designer who don't like my blog there are at least three who do like me. But negative words have a way of hanging and stinging and taking a person down.

Even through I have not been blogging, I have been productive! I have been going through and organizing my inventory, especially my skins and shapes. I have so many of those and I always feel so bad when I only wear them once. So I spent time matching skins with shapes, then with hair, eyes, ears, hands, feet, appliers and HUDS. Saving each set to my outfit folder as a base avatar so when I get an outfit I can select an avatar and go. I have around 60 base female avatars now...and so many more to go. But I found two male skins that I had missed blogging. I really liked how they looked so I thought I would share them with you this evening.

All three skins are by Deluxe Body Factory, which  is one of my top three skin designers. I like the shading and realism of the skins. They do not look like smooth ken dolls, Greek gods on steroids, or  look like a million other male skins on the market. 

 In my first photo I am wearing "Oliver" skin in a choco tone. He was the November 2014 group gift. The in-world group is not free and at L$99, it may be considered pricey to many who only look for freebie stuff, but the price is totally worth it as an investment in your avatar. Each month Deluxe Body Factory  gives out a high quality skin to both men and women along with having  a ton of slap-boards just for group members. For his shape I used a shape by Deluxe Body Factory from the Matheus male skin. 

My hair is Mina Hair's newest release for the Men Only monthly salesroom called Ryan. This is a great hair. I love how it looks. It comes with four hair-bases and the hair in a materials and non materials version. I am wearing the dark brown palette. My Steking ears are by Mandala,. They are great ears, well worth the money, easy to color to match the skins and through a hud switch to two other styles of ears, elven and pixie. My Grim Reaper Tattoo Sleeves are by PMS. I am wearing Center Ville's Unisex Boxer Shorts Mrs.Juca, in brown. My watch is part of an outfit that I got from ADRIATIC line and my boxers are from a hunt in 2012. My "Trev" necklace is by  Zibiska. I really liked the simplicity of the necklace. It was hard to find one that wasn't a ton of chains jumbled together or sporting skulls or bones.

Bad-boys are all well and good, but I know there have to be some out there who like the clean cut business look. Nothing is better than a sharply dressed man. For this picture I started with Deluxe Body Factory's "Arvid" skin in a sand tone. It is this month's group gift. Because I liked the Ryan hair so much from Mina Hair. I jumped over to see what else they had. I was not disappointed. I found the TIMO hair, which is perfect for this look. It comes in a materials version and in a normal version. My ears are Steking (Season 5) from Mandala. 

My sharp tweed suit is by Phunk. It comes in standard sizes and color change HUDs for all the main parts. The suit and pants has four color options. The shirt has twelve color options and the tie has twenty color options. The suit also comes with a great pair of color changeable wing-tipped shoes (not pictured). 

To finish the post up I decided to make a hybrid between the bad boy and the well dressed man. I am not sure what they are called.. perhaps ...a normal man..hehe. This is the "Julien" Skin. It comes with two skin tones, modifiable shape, goatee, and stubble options. It is currently on the group midnight madness board. My hair is another by Mina Hair called Tristian. It is available at the Dressing Room. It is available in an three color sets, essential, ombres and blacks. My ears are the Steking, Season 5 by Mandala. My outfit is the Men's Denim outfit by Adriatic line. My  Symbol Necklace is by Phunk.

Photo I:
Deluxe Body Factory, Oliver Skin, November 2014 Group Gift
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Matheus Shape (part of skin set), L$995
✫ MINA Hair, Ryan, Dark Browns, L$250 @Men Only Monthly Salesroom
Mandala, Steking Ears, Season 5, L$677
IKON, Eternal Eyes - Pewter, L$150
PMS, Grim Reaper Sleeve Tattoo, L$100
Center Ville, Boxer Shorts Unisex Mrs. Juca, L$90
✫ ADRIATIC line  Mesh Men's Outfit Denim (WATCH USED), L$250
CHG for Men, "Declan" outfit - boxers (TPRH 2012 Gift)

Photo II:
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Arvid Skin and Shape, January 2015 Group Gift
MINA Hair, TIMO, L$250
 Mandala, Steking Ears, Season 5, L$677
✫ IKON, Eternal Eyes - Pewter, L$150
✫  Phunk,Mesh Men's Slim Fit Suit - Tweed L$250
SLINK, AvEnhance Relax Hands, L$675
SLINK, AvEnhance Flat Feet, L$675

Photo III:
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Julien Skin and Shape, Group Midnight Mania Board or L$1,995
✫ MINA Hair, Tristan, L$300 @The Dressing Room
 Mandala, Steking Ears, Season 5, L$677
✫ IKON, Eternal Eyes - Pewter, L$150
✫ ADRIATIC line  Mesh Men's Outfit Denim (WATCH USED), L$250
✫ Phunk Mesh Symbol Necklace, L$49

Pose Maniacs, Alice 2
Eternal Dream Poses, Shoot Set 1
✫ Eternal Dream Poses, Maddie Set 2


  1. This post really encouraged me to keep creating my male skins and also expand the collection. Finally someone *saw* what I am trying to achive with them, I don't want to have smooth baby faces, I want roughness and imperfection in the male skins. THANK YOU! <3

    Don't worry about the low life of designer trying to make you feel bad. It is them that have issues, not you. Keep on doing what you are doing! To make people happy and be original is what leads to success in the long run. (I wrote a longer post but the page "ate" it :( ...)


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