A Tattered Page | Chapter 2: Ylla

I am so excited, it is time for the second round of my favorite event,  A Tattered Page* [*citation needed]. A Tattered Page is a special Curse event that combines the love of books with the joy of SL creation. Designers read the chosen book, find inspiration from the words within and create something that visually represents a citation from the book, which they include with their item. 

As a Blogger for the event, I get to do my own interpretation using both the book and the wonderfully inspired creations of participating designers. I particularly like the event because I am a avid book reader and always wanted to be part of a book club. Plus they pick interesting books to get your inspiration from within. I enjoy having a reason to read such unusual stories that I never could be bothered with before. The second round takes place January 7-31. With that information tucked away in your head, I joyfully present to you my twist on Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. 

The Martian Chronicles is a collection of short science fiction stories written by Ray Bradbury in the 1950s. The chapters are broken up into individual tales that weave together over the span of twenty-seven years. It tells the story of the colonization of Mars by humans who are seeking a better life from a war torn and tattered out earth. Upon landing, they are trilled to find the planet is inhabitable, in fact it is inhabited by people much like themselves. But the explorers come to discover it is not all as it should be in their minds. The Martians present unexpected  challenges to the baffled explorers.   

In the second chapter of the book, which was staged to take place in 2030, we join Ylla, a young Martian woman, as she experiences a strange disturbing dream. Her husband hearing her call out remarks how unusual it is for her to dream and if she worked more she would not experience such oddness in her life.  She goes on to tell her husband that she dreamed of a most unusual man. He was remarkably tall, six foot one in tall, with pale skin, black hair and blue eyes. Even though his appearance was vastly different from her own she found him quite attractive, in an exotic way. 

She tells her husband of the conversation she had with the strange man in her dreams. He came from beyond the sun in a ship from the third planet. Her husband scoffs at her, telling her she has a active imagination that everyone knows there is too much oxygen on earth for anyone to survive. Her husband's inattention in her as a mate is obvious in his disregard for her slightly alarmed state and his critiquing of her dream, or so you are lead to believe at first.

It is later that day as Ylla moves around the house a strange and unusual song comes to mind. She sings it slowly like a lullaby. Entranced she sings the strange tune over and over, the foreign words haunting as it floats through their home in her lilting voice. Finally the husband snaps demanding what the tune is, startled she gasps in shock unaware, unbelieving she has sang so long that now the sun almost gone. Suspicious the husband inquires sharply of her if she composed it, where did she learn it, his suspicion developing along with the faint lines of a new emotion...jealously.

Suddenly interested  the husband demands they go to see the towns to seek entertainment, but Ylla defers saying she is tired and wishes to rest. Her husband's agitation grows and she gives in agreeing. As they travel her husband speaks to her but all she does is stare up into the sky, distracted by the fierce possibilities it now holds. He in a fit of sudden desperation for her attention suggests they take a trip to get away from the distractions their life now holds. Without considering she refuses, in confusion and surprise he stares at her and she turns away to stare at the sky once more.

The next morning Ylla awakens to find her husband standing over her staring down studying her in a manner she had never seen him look at her before. She can not look him in the eyes and for some unknown reason feels guilt. Her husband tells her she has been dreaming again. She asks innocently, has she? Impassively he tells her she talked in her sleep and orders her to tell him the rest of her dream. Looking up at her suddenly intense mate, feelings of remorse and pleasure flow over her as she remembers the strange man's kisses, she opens her lips and the words slowly slip out, the dream no longer hers alone.

So what do you think Ylla tells her husband about the rest of her dream? Does what she reveal mean there is a strange man in the sky coming for her or can it be she is only a lonely woman who has sought out the refuge of an exotic lover in her sleep? The only way to find out is to pick up the book and read...read...and read. I promise it will make you go "oh" at least once.

✫ Ikon, Hope Paradise Eyes
Deluxe Body Factory, Carl shape & skin: milk SYS project November 2013
✫ Asset  Cyber (M) Hair Blacks & White @!Go 99 (Sneak peak available Jan 10th)

✫ Avatar Bizarre, Martian Colonist –  150L/color  @A Tattered Page
✫ Avatar Bizarre, Martian Colonist Boots – 175L  (Made to fit uniform), @A Tattered Page
BlueCross, Paragon Visor, 10L

Eternal Dream Poses, Shoots 01, 02, 03, 06, 10, 40L/pose or 180L/set
HelaMiyo :: Poses Levitation, 25L/Pose or 200L/set

✫ Jeulmun: Space Freighter USCSS Eagle - Welcome aboard: The USCSS  Eagle is a first generation interplanetary cargo delivery system designed to support mining operations within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Now chartered by the Asteroid Miner’s Guild (AMG). Ea is now orbiting Mars. RP,  

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