A Tattered Page | May 2034: The Wilderness....my version of it.

Evening everyone, I just realized how close the end of the month is and I still need to make a few more posts featuring A Tattered Page. It is a special Curse event that combines the love of books with the joy of SL creation. The Designers have made so many wonderful items after  being inspired by the book. I wanted to make sure I blogged as much as I could before this round ends on the 31st. 

The book this round is The Martian Chronicles. It is a collection of short science fiction stories written by Ray Bradbury in the 1950s. The chapters are broken up into individual tales that weave together over the span of twenty-seven years.  My inspiration for this post came from the May 2034 chapter called The Wilderness. After I made my photos, I realized that in the month since I originally read the story in preparation for the event, the story had morphed in my head into a totally different tale. One that mirrored the first but had a slightly different meaning.

In the tale Ray Bradbury wrote, he told the tale of two women who have answered the call to Mars. Unfortunately one of the women is terrified of the dark and all the silence it holds. So the choice to journey into space is one that will change her world and she is uncertain  she has it in her to make the journey, leaving the security of the known world behind.  During their story you follow the two women as they take a final walk around the city for the last time, memorizing the things they had lost before they eventually wander home to wait for morning to get on the rocket ship to their future.

In the tale that my mind created the story told the tale of only one women, alone without family. The one person she had in her life, already left to Mars in hope of preparing a life for them both. For the last year she has lived alone frighten in a city coming to ruin as the earth's society decays. The environment spoiled and rancid. People are unable to walk about without breathers, the air full of radioactive particles and the skies full of unexpected acid showers. 

She has been living with a frightening decision to be made, does she leave what she knows to join him on the frontier of a new land or stay where it is safe..well safe as she knows it? We join her as she leaves her apartment late in the evening, perhaps even in the wee hours of the morning. It is dark and frightening, but not as frightening as the silence in her home. Her mind is in turmoil, she has nothing here. Nothing to lose, but her fear holds her back. She is scared...so scared of the dark unknown that is space. 

It's not safe to be out so late in the streets and alleys, not safe really at all, but she can no longer take the silence and emptiness in her small apartment.  She grabs her outerwear and heads out into the city to wander in hopes the walk will alleviate her fears and bring clarity to the choice she has to make. Does she take the hand offered to her across the eons of space, take the risk to be his wife in a strange new world or stay on the decaying earth living in fear of the final war threatening to engulf the earth.

 She wanders for hours her eye mindful of her watch. The ticking matching the beating of her heart. Her chest tight and constricted with each step she takes forward. He is going to call and she must be near a communication device to receive his call. The time to answer the question is rapidly coming upon her. Will she give up her comfort to be a laborer, till the land, make a home, create a new future for herself? Or will she stay, her fear forever choking her, leaving her unable to change? She does not know...so much doubt fills her mind. There in the dense fog of the dust filled morning she sees the machine that will seal her fate...the tele-communication stand. 

Pausing before the machine her hand stretches out, shaking as she nervously presses the button and waits. Her eyes riveted on the flashing signal to wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.. her breathing come faster each gasp of the spoiled air causing her anxiety to raise. The pressure building unrelenting till, but for what feels like an eternity but is really seconds later there is a faint click and his clear strong stable voice come across the machine from eons away, "Will you join me, be my wife?" It is that moment her decision is made....and she no longer fears the shadows.

And that is what my mind twisted up from my memories of Ray Bradbury's tale, The Wilderness. I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like, feel free to check out my previous posts on  The Martian Chronicles

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