A Tattered Page | November 2030, The Summer Night

Tonight's presentation brings you a third installment featuring A Tattered Page*; a special Curse event that combines the love of books with the joy of SL creation. Designers read the chosen book, find inspiration from the words within and create something that visually represents a citation from the book, which they include with their item. This round takes place January 7-31. 

The Martian Chronicles is a collection of short science fiction stories written by Ray Bradbury in the 1950s. The chapters are broken up into individual tales that weave together over the span of twenty-seven years. It tells the story of the colonization of Mars by humans who are seeking a better life from a war torn and tattered out earth. Upon landing, they are thrilled to find the planet is inhabitable, in fact it is inhabited by people much like themselves. But the explorers come to discover it is not all as it should be in their minds. Just as the Martians present unexpected challenges to the humans explorers; the humans bring unexpected experiences to the Martians. Tonight's photos explore such just a happenstance....

As the sun waned over the horizon, many Martian families settled in for the night while others roamed the golden hills, or visited one of the many amphitheaters be-speckling the towns with sparkling jewels of music as the artists took to the stages. The brown Martian people with their golden coin eyes lost themselves into the serene music which flowed up blanketing the towns in serenity.

On one such stage a lone Martian woman stood singing. The audience sit in their seats entranced lost in the flow of sound wafting throughout the amphitheater. The singer pauses, her song coming to as faltering halt, her questioning eyes wander to the musicians as she sings to their music. Their eyes widening as they listen to the words she is singing.

The audience stirs, uncertain of the sounds they are hearing. The singer's hand goes to her throat, she begins singing once more. The audience reacts, some stand in shock, others lean forward entranced by the exotic sounds caressing their senses.

The song, odd and frightening; a unknown language and tune. The Singer tries to stop the strange tune, but the words continue to slide from between her lips. "What song is this?", "What language is that?", "What tune are you playing?", "What is wrong with you?" The questions explode throughout the amphitheater. The lone woman terrified, wept as she runs from the stage and the audience sighs, staring around nervous and unsure. The loss of the song leaves a cold certainty in all who heard it.

What was this song? Why did they react how they did? What is the cold certainty that was left haunting all the Martians? I would love to tell you but I think you would enjoy it much more if you opened the book and read it yourself. Ray Bradbury 's words are so much more entrancing than mine.

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Fallen Gods Inc., EDEN Shape, Skin, & Eyes, Mrs.K Variant, L$990 @A Tattered Page
Tableau Vivant, Hatsuhi, Free New Year Group Gift   
ARISE, Boda Face paint Black-Blood, L$99 @The Secret Affair
ZIBSKA, Zephyrine Headdress and Necklace, L$280 @We <3 Role-play
Maxi Gossamer, Bangles, Gold And Silver Rebecca Bangles & Ring Set, L$299
Spyralle, “Tatters of Blue Rain” Gown, L$350, @A Tattered Page
✫ Spyralle,  “Tatters of Blue Rain” Neck piece Only, L$175 @A Tattered Page

I totally mutated most of the poses I used to create my images. I used my Lumipro and Animare HUDs to combine poses. Facial expressions created using the free Anypose Expression HUD.

Focus Poses, Fairy Poses, L$100
✫ HelaMiyo, Gift Poses, The Spy, Gift LL$1
✫ HelaMiyo, Gown Poses, L$200/set or L$25/pose
✫ LOSTANGEL, "The Stage - Red" - Multipose, L$499


  1. Wow! This is gorgeous! Thank you so much!

    1. You're welcome :) I am glad you liked it. It was a fun post to do.


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