A Tattered Page | November 2036, The Off Season

Tonight's presentation brings you the second installment featuring A Tattered Page*; a special Curse event that combines the love of books with the joy of SL creation. Designers read the chosen book, find inspiration from the words within and create something that visually represents a citation from the book, which they include with their item. This round takes place January 7-31. 

The Martian Chronicles is a collection of short science fiction stories written by Ray Bradbury in the 1950s. The chapters are broken up into individual tales that weave together over the span of twenty-seven years. It tells the story of the colonization of Mars by humans who are seeking a better life from a war torn and tattered out earth. Upon landing, they are trilled to find the planet is inhabitable, in fact it is inhabited by people much like themselves. But the explorers come to discover it is not all as it should be in their minds. The Martians present unexpected challenges to the baffled explorers over the years. In tonight's photos I was inspired by Sam Parkhill and his wife, Elma, in "The Off Season" which takes place in November 2036 on Mars,  

Sam had a dream, a big dream of having the first  and best hot dog stand on Mars. He had the perfect location picked out right on the crossroads of civilization. He worked hard; scrounged the pieces needed to build it. Scraped together the funds to stock it with wieners, onions, chili and orange juice. He swept the blue sand away and laid the paths from pieces he gathered from the old Martian cities. In a month's time one hundred-fifty thousand immigrants from earth will be arriving to settle on Mars. At that time, Sam's hot dog stand will be the hub of activity as people travel between the city and the mines, 24/7. Sam was excited, trilled, elated. His dream was about to come true!

Then came the day the Martian came down from the hills. They never came down from the hills. Yet here before Sam and Elma stands a Martian cloaked and masked, it's features unseen and it's voice a hollow haunted melody.  Not just once in a day did it come to bother Sam but twice!  It was unheard of! nothing good could come of it. Sam was sure! Why were they picking on him. It was his land, his right, he earned it!

That is why Sam had to kill it when it pulled out the small silver cylinder. A WEAPON!. Well what Sam thought was a weapon. It was a weapon, so Sam swears. He would stand by it. It was his right. He didn't bother them. Why did they have to bother him. It should have stayed in the hills where it belonged. He would hide it. Bury it. No one would know.  Well, Elma would, but he could take care of her if he had too, Right?

To Sam, his logic was sound. It was buried, hidden. He was safe, both he and his hot dog stand. That is till the great sailing sand ships appeared, sliding over the sand of the dead sea; ancient mysterious artifacts of a time past left behind by long dead Martians. Upon the decks came the last existing Martians. One hundred total sailing toward Sam's small hot dog stand and in their hands that small silver cylinder. Sam's world was about to change, explode. What did they want with him? Would he kill them all or be killed? Would he have his dream of the perfect hot dog stand? To find out you will need to crack open the book and see.

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Ikon, Hope Paradise Eyes, L$150
Asset, Lasher Hair, Browns, L$250 (Marketplace)
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  1. I absolutely love this story! Fantastic job of taking the tale and being inspired from it! <3

    1. Thanks it's one of my favorites. I love the idea of a hotdog stand on mars.


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