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Okay, my spending spree is still on going! I decided  I needed new eyes to go along with my new Toffee Toned Poppy skin and shape from Deluxe Body Factory. So I hopped over to my favorite eye creator -- IKON. I love the colors and quality of IKON's eyes and to top it off, they are affordable. I wanted mesh eyes, as they seem to be more realistic. I was very happy to see them in Ikon's newer collections. I couldn't make up my mind on what style or color I wanted, so  I bought several types and colors. I still can't make up my mind which are best, so you will have to decide for yourself.

First let me tell you about Deluxe Body Factory's new Toffee skin tone for the  Poppy line. The skin  comes with a clean, natural face without brows, two cleavage options, four eyebrows on tattoo layer (ash, ginger, auburn and jet), ten lipstick options on tattoo layer, six eye shadow options on tattoo layer and standard appliers.  In this photo I am wearing the ginger brows. My Lashes are #33 by Tameless, ears are by Mandala and my hair is Val by Analog Dog Hair.

My first set of mesh eyes are from the newish Spectral collection, in the color Maldive. Its a pretty vivid blue. Most of IKON's eye collections have over 30 colors to choose from. Also,  IKON's mesh eyes come with a handy HUD to customize your eyes.You can adjust the size, select the Iris size, add glow and brightness and even freeze the eyes in position for photos. In the photo above I dialed up the glow to 0.03. It gave it a nice shine.

My outfit consists of a cardigan and sweater set by MotiAme. I found it at Kustom9 last November, so I am not sure where to find it now. I did not see it at the store. My colorful necklace is one of my favorites from  Maxi Gossamer called  Bali Gypsy. It's a very versatile piece.

Let's see in this picture I am still wearing the same shape, skin, and lashes as above. All I changed were the eyes and hair. My hair was one of the many freebies I picked up over the Christmas holiday. This one is a free gift from Little Bones called Transmute. You can still pick it up if you go join their group. It costs 100L to join. Totally worth it, If i remember correctly there are eight free hairs you can pick up once you are a group member.

My eyes in this image are from IKON's Hope Collection in the Leonine color. They are such a pretty gold brown. After playing around with the glow on the hud a bit, I settled on 0.01. To give it a little sparkle but not go too overboard.

In this photo I changed my hair, eyes and clothing. My hair is Washu by Analog Dog Hair, the hair is color changeable and has a nice variety of textures. You can even turn it off. My top is called Cuddle Smush in Brown by Somnia. I won it on the Lucky Letter boards upstairs in the shop. If you haven't stopped in there, you should. Tons of Lucky Letter boards. I spend 30 mins there and just about won them all. It was an awesome night.

This set of eyes are also from IKON's Hope Collection in Emerald. I really loved how bright and vivid green they were. Really pop. I dialed the glow up on this pair to 0.03 also. I really wanted them to stand out, forcing you to look at them. It work?

This image turned out so pretty, reminds me of a young Startlet. Definitely belongs on a sunny beach somewhere tropical! In this image I switched out the hair, eyes, shirt, and necklace. My LoveStruck hair is another free group gift from Little Bones. My top is also another Lucky Letter win from Somnia called Velveteen Spangle in Rose Gold. It's a lovely top, I will try to remember to give it a better viewing in a later post. My Faylinn Flower Charm necklace is a wonderful bit from Maxi Gossamer.

I decided I wanted a more muted green set of eyes along with the Emerald set so I chose the Grass color in the Spectral Collection. They hint at a soulful, deep thinker, someone who gets lost in their thoughts. Quite pretty. I am leaning toward this set as my favorite.

The Starlet in the previous photo made me want to go even more upscale with an established actress night on the town look. For this picture I swapped my ginger brows for the auburn brows and added the Toffee Lipstick #7 that came in my skin pack. Then I added my all time favorite hair by Analog Dog Hair called Chance, Ploom's curly hair base in brown  and Maxi Gossamer's amazing Babushka Chocolate Mink Fur Collar.

To really make the picture pop, I wanted a set of eyes that sparkled. I found that in the Starfall color set, part of the Hope Collection. Depending on the lighting they go between a pale blue or Light lavender. I think they are simply amazing!

 In my final photo for the evening,  I switched my eyebrows from auburn to jet and switched my brown Chance hair for my black Chance hair to give her a darker look. I also switched my #7 lipstick to #10, a darker tone.  My Mayfair Bell Diamond necklace is a wonderful creation by Maxi Gossamer. My gown is by Spyralle called Christina. You can find a full view of it on my January 1st post.

For this dark beauty I chose a Crimson color in the Hope Collection. I love combining red eyes with black hair. It just makes it pop and it's an added plus that I can make the eyes glow, they are perfect for my future goth photos.

Well after all of that, I still do not know which one is my favorite. What do  you think?

All Photos
Deluxe Body Factory, Poppy skin  & shape: Toffee : Natural, 2,499L
✫ Tameless Lashes 33, 99L
Mandala, Steking Ears, Season 5, 477L Currently on sale

Photo 1:
✫ IKON Spectral Eyes - Maldives, 150L
✫ Analog Dog Hair, Val - Light Reds,  275L
✫ Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Bali Gypsy, 399L
✫ MotiAme - Cardigan Coat - Cream @ November Kustom9.
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Poppy : Toffee : brows : ginger

Photo 2:
✫ IKON Hope Eyes - Leonine, 150L
✫ little bones. Transmute, Free Group Gift, 100L to join Group
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Poppy : Toffee : brows : ginger

Photo 3:
✫ IKON Hope Eyes - Emerald, 150L
✫ Analog Dog Hair,  Washu - Light Browns,  275L
Somnia, Smush in Brown, Free Lucky Letter Win
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Poppy : Toffee : brows : ginger

 Photo 4:
✫ IKON Spectral Eyes - Grass, 150L
✫ Somnia, Velveteen Spangle {Rose Gold}, Free Lucky Letter Win
✫ little bones.  Lovestruck Free Group Gift, 100L to join Group
✫ Maxi Gossamer, Necklace - Faylinn Flower Charm, 399L
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Poppy : Toffee : brows : ginger

 Photo 5:
✫ IKON Hope Eyes - Starfall, 150L
✫ Analog Dog Hair,  Chance - Dark Brown,  275L
.ploom. Curly Hairbase - Brown 10 (Part of the Mystic V2 @Fantasy Gacha, 75L)
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Poppy : Toffee : lipstick #7 
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Poppy : Toffee : brows : auburn 
✫ Maxi Gossamer,  Fur Collar - Baboushka - Chocolate Mink, 299L

 Photo 6:
✫ IKON Hope Eyes - Crimson , 150L
✫ Deluxe Body Factory,  Poppy : Toffee : lipstick #10 
✫ Deluxe Body Factory,  Poppy : Toffee : brows : jet 
.ploom.  Curly Hairbase - Brown 6 (Part of the Mystic V2 @Fantasy Gacha, 75L)
✫ Analog Dog Hair,  Chance - Blacks,  275L
Maxi Gossamer, Necklace - Mayfair Bell Diamonds, 399L
Spyralle, Christina Gown, 275l @Gothmas by Gaslight (ended Jan 3)

 Eternal Dreams Poses, Maddie 08, 09
✫  Eternal Dreams Poses, Summerish 10
✫  Eternal Dreams Poses, Trisha 08

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