New Year, New Home!

Good evening everyone, my moodiness has made me want a change of scenery so I have decide to put up a new home. It is just my luck that Kaerri has a wonderful fully furnished home specially made for the Leaf on the Wind Fundraiser. 

The house is called "Pied A Terre". As I stated before it is fully furnished and has some awesome details. It comes complete with furniture, 223 land impact, 25x30 footprint or unfurnished it is only 73 land impact or.. Yes there is more...  if you would like to buy only the furnishings you can! It was a perfect fit for my parcel! Let me take you on a tour. 

This way ladies, gentlemen... Watch your step... The entryway is a darling little patio with an upside down umbrella with flowers, simply a cute touch. You have two small hedge planters to give a nice trimmed green look too. Too often designers forget to dress up the outside of the home, lucky for me not this one!

Upon entry you are in a small tidy kitchen/dining area. The counters are nice and tidy, dishes drying in the rack and some pears if you would like a snack. The table is ready for the famly to sit down and share the evening meal.

Directly back from the dining area, you enter upon the living area. It comes with a circular seating arrangement, ottoman, fireplace and web browsing television. The details around the room really bring the coziness.

On the ottoman is a cute London tea set, perfect for quick refreshment from a hectic day.

Off to the side walls are a couple small set of drawers with hearts and the word love. It gives the room a playful feel and brings home how much London is loved by the home owner. 

To the right of the kitchenette is the entry way to the spacious master bedroom with a sitting area, vanity and bath.

The Vanity area is a perfect place to pretty up for an evening out.

The bath is decadently decked out with really cute details.

Exiting though the side door in the Master bedroom, you are on a darling patio with a cute setting area where you can watch your pets and the sun set.

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