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In tonight's wanderings I came across a new hair store called no.match. They had quite a few hair interesting styles I just had to add to my collection. It really helped they were reasonably priced too.  I had a lot of fun creating outfits to go with the hairstyles.

The first hair I am sharing is the No.Heat hair. It comes with the headband. Both are part of the free opening gift. I think this is probably one of the best afro-style hairs I have owned. You will definitely see this hair again, very versatile. It rocks my Espresso Takira skin and shape by Deluxe Body Factory.

My LadySophia gown is one of BlueMoon Enterprise's latest releases. I love this gown, it is the perfect classical look for a medieval lady. The LadySophia features a long slender shape adorned with beautiful wide trim of twisted gold and gemstones on the scooped neckline and belt. Is available in Royal, Night, Peace, Ivy & Ruby. I am wearing the royal in this image.

My Unicorn Maiden Star necklace is an original creation by Maxi Gossamer for FaMESHed this month. You get two necklace designs and both come with a choice of five color combos plus gold and silver chain and setting options via the texture changer. Matching earrings are sold separately.

My gold tipped Elven ears are the Steking Ears (Season 5) by Mandala. These ears are amazing. They come with a hud that changes the tip colors, turns ear jewels on/off, and switches the ear style between Elven, Pixie and Human. A must have for anyone who likes to role-play. My eyes are IKON's Hope Field Eyes, framed by Tameless' Lashes #22. 

The next no.match hair I wish to share is the No.Hunt Hair by no.match. It is a long straight hair with a few loose strands framing the face that is pulled back into a tail tied at the bottom with leather strapping. This hair was Mel's favorite out of them all, which is good cause there is a men's version too and I personally think he would look hawt in it too!

My skin and shape in this image is a new release by Tir na n'Og, called Baby. The Baby skin is available in four skin tones and comes with five eyebrow styles, two cleavage choices, five shades of lipsticks, three teeth styles and two eye shadow options. I am wearing the Honey Skin Tone and also the coral lipstick option. My eyes are are IKON's Hope Paradise eyes, highlighted by Pink Fuels Barely There Shimmer eye shadow.

 My lovely crown is actually a full masked crown that I pushed back in my head a bit to create the look. The crown is by ANE. It is available in five vibrant colors. My Electra Unicorn Horn necklace is another wonderful creation by Maxi Gossamer also at FaMeshed this month. It has a choice of 11 horn colors plus gold and silver options via the texture changer. Matching earrings are sold separately. I am  wearing LadySophia gown,peace version, by BlueMoon Enterprise. (I did say I loved this dress). 

This hair is called, No.Chance. It is a long loose dread-lock hair style. Perfect for your wilder personas. This is one I will definitely use with my warrior. I am still wearing the Tir na n'Og  Baby skin and shape. Only this time with pomegranate lips. My peeps are IKON's Hope Paradise eyes. My gown is also by BlueMoon Enterprise. It is the Fallen Leaves gown. I got it from the Mystic Realms Faire a few months back. I do not think this color version is available but you can pick up the Blessed Yule color version, which is a rich red and green, at their store.

My Tangled-horns are by CC Krea-tions. They are available for purchase in three colors; rock, coal and bark. My Rosana necklace is a lucky find from The Secret Affair. The Forge has three color versions of the necklace available. It also comes with a matching face-veil (see it a few pictures down). My Deardriu Face Paints are a great find from We <3 Role-Play by House of Darcy.

In this image I am wearing no.match's No.Flowers. It is a lovely long flowing hair with two braids pulled back framing your face. I am wearing the same avatar set-up as in the previous picture. Along with Maxi Gossamer's Electra Unicorn Horn necklace again. The lovely gold and crimson gown is the LadyAugusta gown from BlueMoon Enterprises. Another great gown I recommend you add to your wardrobe. It is available in several color choices. 

The No.Glance wild dread-locked hairstyle by no.match inspired me to go a little risque with this image as I wanted her to be a bit of a wild woman in appearance. For this avatar I used the same Tir na n'Og  Baby skin and shape along with Pink Fuel's shimmer eye shadow once more. I then added  Catseye Tattoo's Leopard Print body tat with reduced face to bring the animal in her out. My collar is by Tameless and is from their Jungle Drums Outfit. The halter top and arm cuffs are freebie items I got when I was a wee-newb and there is no store associated with them so I am going to risk saying unavailable. My One-hand Wooden Spear is from BaalForge.

In my final photo for the night I am wearing the No.Joy hair style by no.match. This is another wonderful dread-lock design set in a wonderful up-do. Perfect for when you need to tame your wild woman for an elegant night out (or heck put it on a warrior and be ready to go into battle too) . I love  versatile hairstyles. My lovely Rosalia gown is by FallnAngel Creations   My necklace is the short version of the Unicorn Maiden Star necklace  by Maxi Gossamer for FaMESHed. My ears are Mandala's Steaking Ears (Season 5).

Photo I:
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Takira Espresso C: M:2, 
No.Match, No.Heat Hair and Headband, FREE opening gift.
Mandala, Steking Ears, Season 5, L$677
IKON, Eternal Eyes - Pewter, L$150 
SLINK, AvEnhance Casual Hands, L$675
SLINK, AvEnhance High Feet, L$675
BlueMoon Enterprises (BME), Lady Sophia Royal, L$550
Maxi GossamerUnicorn Maiden Star Necklace, L$288 @FaMESHED till Jan 31

Photo II:
Tir na n'Og, Baby honey cleav - brown eb Skin, L$490
     - TnO, Baby lips coral
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby Shape, L$290
✫ No.Match, No.Hunt Hair, Browns, L$250
Pink Fuel, Shimmer Eyeshadow <Hazel> - Barely There+ Wing (monolid), L$300
ANE Mask Crown Golden, L$110
✫ BlueMoon Enterprises (BME), Lady Sophia Peace, L$550
✫ Maxi Gossamer, Electra Unicorn Horn Necklace, L$88 @FaMESHED till Jan 31

Photo III:
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby honey cleav - brown eb Skin, L$490
     - TnO, Baby lips  pomegranade
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby Shape, L$290
✫ No.Match, No.Chance Hair, Browns, L$250
✫ BlueMoon Enterprises (BME), Fallen Leaves (from the last Mystic Realms Faire)
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations {Tangled~ bark} horns, L$250
✫ The Forge, Rosana Jewelry (Black)  L$500 @The Secret Affair
✫ House of Darcy, Deardriu Face Paints, L$45 @We <3 Role-Play

Photo IV:
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby honey cleav - brown eb Skin, L$490
     - TnO, Baby lips  pomegranade
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby Shape, L$290
✫ No.Match, No.Flowers Hair, Browns, L$250
✫ BlueMoon Enterprises (BME), Lady Augusta, Gold/Crimson L$450
✫ Cubic Cherry Kre-ations {Tangled~ bark} horns, L$250
✫ Maxi Gossamer, Electra Unicorn Horn Necklace, L$88 @FaMESHED till Jan 31

Photo V:
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby honey cleav - brown eb Skin, L$490
     - TnO, Baby lips  pomegranade
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby Shape, L$290
✫ No.Match, No.Glance Hair, Blacks, L$250
✫ Pink Fuel, Shimmer Eyeshadow <Hazel> - Barely There+ Wing (monolid), L$300
✫ Catseye Tattoo "Leopard Print" UNISEX - V2 - Reduced Facial Pattern, L$99
 ✫ The Forge, Rosana Face Piece (Black) L$500 @The Secret Affair
Tameless, Collar from Jungle Drums Outfit, L$199
✫ BaalForge, OneHand Wooden Spear, L$29
Photo VI:
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby honey cleav - brown eb Skin, L$490
     - TnO, Baby lips  pomegranade
✫ Tir na n'Og, Baby Shape, L$290
✫ No.Match, No.Joy Hair, Browns, L$250
FallnAngel Creations, Falln Rosalia Dress, Orange, L$660
✫ Maxi GossamerUnicorn Maiden Star Necklace, L$288 @FaMESHED till Jan 31
✫  Favole, Grace Crown, (no longer available)

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