The dreams of a child..

Evening everyone, tonight I  would like to venture into the dreams of a child. I recently received several items that inspired me to a child like fancy. All items in these photos except for my shape are for adult avatars. I just couldn't resist making her a small adorable and cute Elven child.

Hmmm.. where to start, so much to talk about.  Lets start with the cute Fleece PJs  by Phunk. I have to say Phunk is becoming one of my favorite shops for cute stuff (along with awesome male outfits). the Fleece PJ's are unisex and come in standard sizes with eight color options available via a HUD. They fit men, women and kids. The cute bunny slippers are also by Phunk, they come for men and women. For those who want a darker pair, you should check out the evil bunny slippers... too adorably evil! They would make the perfect gift for a man with a sense of humor. 

My cute teddy bear was a gift from Kaerri Rae, owner of Kaerri. It was a Christmas teddy bear she gave out as a gift but modified it for me. If you are looking for some great furniture go check out her shop. There are some amazing displays set up so you can get a feel of what stylish set ups you can do in your home.

My photos are taken at the Chapter Four sales room (I am bad about using stores as my photo props). Most all the creatures in the photos are by ionic. Ionic have some of the most whimsical designs I have ever had the honor to stop and aww at. Do stop in and check out their store and sales room. I warn you though.. it's GACHA loaded -- control yourself!  (I never can).

My adorable whispy mess of a hair style is by Analog Dog. For my skin I chose Tir na n'Og's Kawaii skin. It was created for Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt, which will run February 1-28th. It comes with skin, shape, glasses and sparkling cheek mesh heart. Its pretty cute. Really reminded me of how a lot of little girls paint themselves up trying to look like their mommies.

The little Royal Mouse on my shoulder is a cute find from We <3 Role-Play. It is a freebie from Krystal. Perfect little shoulder pet for all ages. I loved the little crown on its head.

My ears are the newest release in ears from Mandala, steking (season 5). I love these them! They come with a hud that switches them between elven, pixie and human ears, turns on/off jewelry or eartip paint. One of my most versatile accessories I wear regularly. They may seem pricey, but totally worth it.

✫ Tir na n'Og |  Kawaii skin | L$5 |  Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt, Feb 1-28
✫ Deluxe Body Factory, Little Girl Lykke Avatar, L$1,995
Analog Hair | Mash, Splash | L$275
Mandala, Steking Ears, Season 5, L$677
IKON, Eternal Eyes - Paradise, L$150

PHUNK | Fleece PJs | L$149
PHUNK | Bunny Slippers | L$49
Kaerri | Teddy Bear | Gift
✫ Krystal | Royal Mouse - Shoulder Pet | FREE | @We <3 Role-Play

Ionic made most all the background props.

✫ Poses made using the Kaerri Bear and my Animare HUD (L$299)

The Chapter Four, The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event, open every 4th day of the month .4 rooms/sections with each different theme of the sale: Gacha, Buy 1 for 2, Under 100 Ls and Half price room!

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