Fashionista's of the Future

Ever wonder what the women of the future will wear? 

You know the women I speak of....

... the stylish, the trend setters, the elite, the high class, the hip and chic gals of the future years to come.

What fabulous creations will they stride proudly down the street in?

How wildly different will the styles be?

We know how the movies make it out to be...

Our wild and exotic high end chic fashions.... everyday wear in the future. 

I have sat and thought of this a bit, my mind wandering over what I have seen during my life time...

And what I think is many will look as we do today, in style and fashion because we, what we wear today....will be their day.
And tell me what is cooler than something Retro to wear while hanging with your friends in a coffee shop?
You can't tell me they wont have coffee!

Avatar Appearance:

Tir na n'Og | Valentine Skin & Shape (Honey) | L$ 120L | @Fresh Style-Passion4Fashion
(All photos) The Valentine Skin in a honey skin tone is an exclusive for February's Fresh Style Event.. This special skin pack comes with one skin, one modifiable shape, three lip-sticks (tattoo-layer), Omega appliers for body. Slink hand/feet appliers and several pretty make-ups are also on sale. And if you join the SLF&O group, you can pick up the wings I am wearing in the red photos for free!

Tableau Vivant | Choko Unisex Hair | Free Group Gift
(photos 1,2, 5 & 6) This lovely razor cut hair is a great addition to your hair collection. It looks great on men and women. You get the full fat pack of eleven color packs each containing thirty hair textures. The Tableau Vivant group is free to join. Best get your gift as soon as you can because all group gifts are no longer available after the new is placed up.

ZIBSKA | Alix Deux | L$200
(photos 3 & 4) When I want a hair that is out of the ordinary and good quality, ZIBSKA is the first place that comes to mind. They have a large range of hairs that help project a mood or impression. The Alix Deux hair is accompanied by a texture change HUD with 20 colors . It is re-sizable and you can delete the scripts you like. There is a demo you can try before you buy. This is by far one of my favorites by them.

Tameless Hair | Stevie | L$249
(Photos 7 & 8) The Stevie hair is a new release by Tameless. It comes with a hip hat and a texture change hud. There are three  color packs: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors.  Demo is available.

Ikon | Charm Eyes, Paradise | L$150
The Newest eye release by IKON. You will see these often. I love the clarity of them. The eye set include regular and mesh and come come with with five iris sizes. The Charm Collection has over 50 color choices to choose from. There is a demo available for testing them out and if you hurry and join the group for free you can get a free Brown set.

Mandala | Steking Ears, Season 5 | L$677
Well worth the money, easy to color to match the skins and through a hud switch to two other styles of ears, elven and pixie. Plus comes with piercings and color tips you can show or hide.

SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675
Comes with one pair of hands in each standard size. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and fingernails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK hands to help me create the perfect gestures.

✫ SLINK | AvEnhance High Feet | L$675
Comes with one pair of feet in each standard size. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and toenails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK Feet.

✫ Mon Cheri | "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes | L$299
(all photos)  I love these mesh lashes. They are modeled to fit avatars eyes snugly, without gaps, more naturally and realistic. And I am happy to say they do! I have never had such a perfect fit before on my lashes. The lashes come with a hud which switch between three styles of eyelashes and change the texture colors of the lashes. They have natural and fantasy colors for your lashes for a total of fifteen colors per style, along with a tintable option. They are four prims, non-rigged so you can custom fit it to your eyes. The creator also has a really good tutorial on their website to help you fit them.


✫ Tir na n'Og |  Mesh avatar Dove Wings | Free SLF&O gift  @Fresh Style-Passion4Fashion
A in-world freebie/deal group. Join the group to snag the gift. It's free. Paste in in-world chat: secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about

✫ ZIBSKA |  Amphitrite | L$ 250 | @Futurewave 2015
(photos 1 & 6) This futuristic outfit includes bodysuit in five sizes, body alpha, HUD with headpiece, collar & cuffs in black. The body suit has eight color textures. The mesh is no mod, but you can adjust the collar, headpiece and cuffs. Demo is available. If you would like the headpiece, cuffs and neck piece in different colors you can pick them up in a different set for  L$200.

✫ ZIBSKA | Otthild | L$250 | @Futurewave 2015
(photos 2 & 5) Here is a lovely number sure to make heads turn, the matching head piece and skirt are just amazing to behold. I had a lot of fun playing with the color options on this outfit. This outfit includes dressbase and undies in five sizes, skirt, body alpha and HUD. There are ten color options for the dress base, ruffles, undies and spheres. The mesh is no mod, so try the demos.

✫ ZIBSKA | Aracely | L$250 | @Futurewave 2015
(photos 3 & 4) This is the perfect outfit for a night out clubbing. Can you just see it under the disco light? Magnificent. This outfit includes romper in five sizes, body alpha, HUD and orbit neck piece. There are ten color option for top, shorts, laces, stud accents and neck piece.

✫ ZIBSKA |  Tora Boots | L$200  | @Futurewave 2015
(photos 2, & 3)  If there is only one thing you pick up at Futurewave, I would highly recommend you consider this pair of boots. They are awesome! A great addition to wear with all those mini skirts/dresses stashed in your inventory. The Tora boots include rigged boots in five sizes and HUD with ten colors. You can change the boot and platform  with separate colors. The boots are for use with SLINK high feet but can be worn with out them too. These are mesh, try demo before you buy.

✫ Chaos Panic & Disorder | Altair  Necklace | L$69 | @Futurewave 2015
(photos 1, 2, 5, & 6) This necklace is available for males and females, sold separately.  The male's necklace is a bit bigger than the females with a heavier chain. It is also modifiable.

✫ Chaos Panic & Disorder | Insignia  Necklace | L$69 | @Futurewave 2015
(photos 7 & 8) This necklace is available for males and females, sold separately.  The male's necklace is a bit bigger than the females with a heavier chain. It is also modifiable.

Entice | Bang Bang | L$125
This is a one piece  with the Bra Top and pants with stirrups. It comes in five sizes and is available for purchase in fat pack or six colors. I am wearing the glittering purple. If you never have stopped in at Entice before, place it on your list to go. They have amazing free gifts, SLF&O gifts and group gifts.

MIAMAI | Suspension Punps | L$ 34 0| @Futurewave 2015
This is but one of several futuristic set of heels Miamai has to offer at Futurewave 2015. There are five fantastic colors choices to chose from.They are made to be worn with SLINK high Heels.

Home Accessories:

✫ A World Made of Light | Holobox | L$395 | @Futurewave 2015
I used the holobox and its included furniture for my backdrop in these photos. The Holobox is a sky box in the shape of a cpu case. It has two levels connected by a clear set of stairs. One wall is totally transparent on the inside but solid on the inside. The trim colors are controlled via hud. Along with the sky box you get several pieces of furnishing included to decorate your new home.


The following pose packs are two of the many pose sets I picked up at Diesel Works during their 50% off sale on all pose packs. This is the perfect time to hop over if you are looking to buy yourself some new poses.  Don't tarry too long as I am not sure when the sale ends. Diesel Works pose packs come with a stand loaded with the pose pack. It has a handy menu to hide the pose stand and auto pose or turn your model. Very handy little thing to have.

Diesel Works Poses & Animations | Miaa Editorial Poses  |  L$499
(Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 )  The Miaa set includes eleven poses. Perfect set for your high fashion poses.

✫ Diesel Works Poses & Animations | Vixen Female Poses  |  L$499
(Photos 7 & 8 )  This set includes eleven static poses. Perfect set for action poses where you wish to have unique body language.

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